Get to Know These New Psychics | August 2023

Date 8/25/2023

New Psychic Source Advisors

Meet Our Newest Psychic Source Advisors

What’s one of the top reasons we get psychic readings? To get a fresh perspective from an unbiased, wise, insightful person we’d otherwise never meet. But it’s common to get comfortable with the same Advisors time after time. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the newest members of our community, who come to us with years of experience, incredible gifts, and unique backgrounds. Who knows, you might find your new favorite!

Psychic Rosella x4993

"Loving Intuitive"

Rosella x4993

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is...

Keep an open mind and heart, take some deep breaths, and trust that you’re speaking with an advisor who truly wants to help you reach your highest potential.

One of my most successful readings was...

Providing a client with such specific details and spot-on messages that she was blown away and able to make her next move that ultimately lead to happiness and fulfillment for her.

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Psychic Solas x4992

"Irish Psychic Intuitive"

Solas x4992

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

I'm an Irish Psychic Intuitive with a God given gift of divination that I like to use to help and heal others. I have 5 sisters and all 6 of us are psychic intuitives. All 6 of us still live in Ireland.

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

When I was around 15 years old when my nana paid me a visit to let me know that she'd passed away but would remain with me. Soon after she guided me to astrology, tarot and all things esoteric. Soon after I had many beautiful experiences with Angels/Spirit guides and have embraced this as my souls calling.

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Psychic Empress x4998

"Clairvoyant, Empath"

Empress x4998

The psychic gift I use most in my readings is...

Tarot, because it helps me see a better and clearer view about any obstacles that are present and also helps me with giving more accurate details to explaining to my clients the situations they are presently experiencing and with that it immediate helps me guide them in the right directions to successfully seeing positive outcomes pertaining to their situations.

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

When I was 7 years old. It was my grandmother who told me that I had these abilities because I had told her when I would had dreams that shortly after they would become a reality. She told me my psychic gifts and abilities runs in our family.

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Psychic Agnes x4994

"Intuitive Astrologer"

Agnes x4994

One of my most successful readings was...

I have successfully predicted marriage, babies, home ownership and one major world event ( covid ). All my readings hold a special place in my heart.

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

30 odd years ago I started studying astrology as a child under the support and teachings of my mother, as she was also a reader. I took up the hobby into a professions 5 years ago. Once tapped into an astrology chart, my guides connect with me and provide me insights to the emotional currents of our lives.

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Psychic Anu x6010

"Intuitive, Medium, Astrologer"

Anu x6010

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

At age 4! I had a dream of a house the night before my mother and I went to it. I described it to a T on the way there. When we pulled up my mother froze, (shocked) that it was exactly what I had seen the night before. So many more stories where that came from.

The psychic gift that I use most in my readings is...

Intuition (it covers all the questions for the living, the dead, and the stars).

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Psychic Ayla x4995

"Clairvoyance, Grounded in Reality"

Ayla x4995

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

My grounded approach provides clients the opportunity to view possible outcomes utilizing all aspects of good decision making. We live in the real world, so you need real solutions. Nothing in your life happens in a vacuum. When you call an advisor, it is because you are dealing with something difficult, unclear, painful, or stressful. Whatever is happening, it might be affecting other areas of your life as well. As we work through the answers and solutions, my style is very deliberate in helping you feel out what options you have available and how each option will likely play out. No matter what it is you are dealing with, we will find the way forward. Clients have said that talking with me feels like talking with a friend, that they feel immediately comfortable and can open up. I have worked with people from many countries and many walks of life, with many different proclivities, lifestyles, and preferences. Clients say that I am non-judgmental, and that helps them feel relaxed during the reading. My psychic readings can also be completely private. I don’t have to know what is happening in order for you to get the reading you need.

One of my most successful readings was...

When a client asked me about a man she was dating: Everything seemed okay on the surface, but it felt "off" to her. I read that she was being manipulated, and that the other person was trying to hurt her, just for his own amusement. Because she was not that type of person, she would have never thought such a thing. Nine months later, she reported that everything unfolded exactly as I had described, and the man openly admitted to trying to drive her crazy just for fun. She said she hadn't wanted to believe the reading but kept it in the back of her mind. As the situation unfolded, she recognized what was happening. Now, although that doesn't seem like a positive reading, I think it is valuable to know that the higher realms want to protect you and offer information for you to protect yourself through a psychic reading.

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Psychic Lilith x4997

"Soul Reader"

Lilith x4997

The psychic gift that I use most in my readings is...

A combination of clairsentience and claircognizance. This means I get information from source or spirit through feelings and sensations in my body in addition to direct knowing. I tune into both of these gifts to explain to my client the information, and am able to feel where their energy might be stuck or stagnant which could be related to the question that they’re inquiring about. Lastly, I utilize clairempathy and receive emotional information that I will pass along during my readings. If I am doing an energy healing as part of the reading, I will often feel which emotions are energetically stuck in a client and clear that in order to help them become in alignment with whatever it is they’re inquiring about or wanting to manifest. The clairsentience and clairempathy work in tandem for many of the life guidance readings I provide, while I receive most information in a soul reading comes to me claircognizantly.

The best way to prepare for a reading with me...

Is to come to the session with an open mind, without expectations. I’ve found that sometimes when a client has a specific outcome they’re hoping for in a reading, the harder it is to get the actual information that their angelic guides want to pass along. Being energetically grounded and open to whatever messages come through will bring the most accuracy in information. Additionally, our time together is for you, helping you find the clarity within yourself to create a life path that resonates most with your soul. So I recommend writing down specific goals, questions, or blocks before the reading, and to come in with an open mindset for the best results. If you’re asking about life guidance, setting an intention for yourself of what growth and experiences you would like to have can also be a powerful way to prepare.

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Psychic Zac x4996

"Intuitive Clairvoyant Healer"

Zac x4996

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

I initially trained via the Spiritualist Church in NZ. Went along with friends and got many messages. Then psychic development circle for two years; Usui Reiki healing and other modalities. I've also done psychic tours.

Something that makes me unique from other advisors is...

My kiwi accent! Just kidding - although people love to hear I'm from New Zealand. They wanna visit. I have a great sense of humor that often comes through from Spirit Guides to a client.

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Psychic Nora x6011

"Psychic Tarot Reader"

Nora x6011

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

I first started playing with tarot cards as a teen. The more I learned about the cards and how to read, the more I started to get other feelings and sensations. At first I thought my mind was wandering and I having "random" thoughts while I read for someone, but I quickly discovered they weren't random at all. They were messages about the situation or person I was working with!

The psychic gift that I use most in my readings is...

My empathic abilities are usually the first thing to trigger. The second I start reading for you I connect to your feelings and as I look at my tarot cards I can feel the feelings or energy of the other people in question.

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Psychic Ariana x6012

"Spiritual Sage"

Ariana x6012

I first discovered my psychic gifts and abilities...

When I was about 6 years old and I would hear and see spirits.

The best way to prepare for a reading with me is...

Rest and clean up my work area.

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Psychic Ava x6013

"Intuitive Advisor"

Ava x6013

The best way to prepare for a reading or reiki session with me is...

To create an atmosphere that fosters insight and meaning. Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable space where you can fully focus and relax. Take a few moments to center yourself and set your intention for our session, allowing your mind to be open to the possibilities that lie ahead. While it can be helpful to have some questions or topics in mind that you'd like to explore, rest assured that providing minimal information actually enhances the experience. I will gently guide you through a series of basic questions, which will enable me to tap into your energy and uncover the precise insights and guidance you seek.

The psychic gift that I use most in my readings are...

Clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, all complemented by my strong intuition. With clairvoyance, I receive visual images and symbols that help me gain insights into the past, present, and future. Through clairsentience, I tap into emotions and sensations, allowing me to understand the underlying feelings and energies surrounding a situation. Additionally, with clairaudience, I receive intuitive messages and guidance through inner hearing. These gifts, combined with my intuitive abilities, work harmoniously to provide comprehensive and accurate readings. I trust the guidance I receive and use it to offer valuable insights, empowering my clients to make informed decisions and navigate their paths with clarity and confidence.

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Psychic Marina x4999

"Intuitive Seer"

Marina x4999

One of my most successful readings was...

I helped a young lady communicate with her passed on loved one. She came for a love reading but her grandmother stepped forward and wanted to pass on a message. After I helped them briefly communicate with one another. The lady was so grateful and moved and I was so honored to have brought her closure. One of my favorite and heart touching experiences so far.

The psychic gift I use most in my readings is...

Clairsentience; the ability to connect, feel, and read someone else’s emotions and energy in a deep way.

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