Gemstones and Their Purpose

Published Date 1/10/2015
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Use gemstones to heal the energy and vibrations in your body

Since the beginning of time, people have sought out gemstones for their beauty and powers. Not only do they create energy vibrations when worn, but they are also used to cure diseases and provide all sorts of healing therapy. Gemstones are most commonly used in astrological remedies, so an astrologer can help you understand which gemstones would be most beneficial to you.

How Gemstones Are Created

Gemstones are found inside rocks, where they are only formed under specific conditions, such as erosion, heat, pressure, and even force from water. Three different types of rocks can contain gemstones: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Igneous rocks are formed from lava and can bear crystals. Sedimentary rocks are produced by weather conditions and can produce all sorts of gemstones. Metamorphic rocks are a combination of igneous and sedimentary rocks and can hold the rarest gemstones. Some gemstones can be formed synthetically, but their power is never as strong as that of natural gemstones.

The Purpose of Gemstones

Every gemstone has a different purpose. An astrologer can look at your astrological chart and tell you which gemstones would help you to best improve your life or achieve certain goals. There are hundreds of different gemstones, but the following is a list of the most common gemstones used in astrological readings:

  • Ruby: This gemstone is used to offset the weakness of the sun. When worn, it helps the wearer feel powerful and become a leader.
  • Pearl: This gemstone is a remedy for a weak moon. It gives users courage and helps to cure diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. Pearls from farms can be just as useful as natural pearls.
  • Emerald: This gemstone is used to help users excel in academics and improve concentration and focus.
  • Sapphire: This gemstone comes in an assortment of colors, each with a different remedy. Sapphires generally help cure physical ailments and injuries.
  • Diamond: This gemstone is for those who have problems with their reproductive system. It also gives users peace of mind.

Caution to Those Who Use Gemstones for Healing

Many people wear gemstones to heal ailments, whether they are physical or mental. Gemstones can be very useful when worn correctly, but they can damage body and mind if used or worn improperly. For instance, wearing too many pearls can negatively affect health instead of inspiring healing. Similarly, some gemstones are best used when worn around the neck while others are most beneficial when worn on fingers. Consulting with an online psychic before trying gemstones as remedies is always recommended, so that wearers can make sure that they are using gemstones correctly and for the right purpose.

If you’re interested in learning more about gemstones, be sure to talk to a psychic. Astrologers are the best psychics to consult about gemstones since these objects are all related to planetary bodies and the way they affect the energy and vibrations in your own body. Since it's easy to find bad or false information about gemstones, you're better off talking to an authentic psychic to get started on the right path.


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