From Clairvoyance to Clairaudience - All About Your Clairs Part 2 by Psychic Izzy

Published Date 8/31/2018
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Becoming grounded to the earth is just one of many ways to help recognize your clairs.

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Welcome back to the second part of my article on the "Clairs." In part one, I explored the first three: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Claircognizance. But there are still three more Clairs to examine.  If you missed part one, please BEGIN HERE, then return when you are done (there will be a link to get back here too, it’s so easy!) 

Now onto the show...

Clairaudience or clear hearing can be hearing a ‘voice” or an inner voice. These messages are immediate and not logical or rational. Sometimes, people struggle with this method because it is in direct contrast to the logical mind. Be careful, your ego will try to convince you that this is invalid information. And that you will appear as a fool if you voice these messages. I suggest that you speak freely when you get information. In time, you will learn to trust this process. Start small and have lots of faith and trust. 

Signs You May be Clairaudient – if you answer yes to the questions below:
  • When talking with friends, do you know what they are going to say - before they say it?
  • Do you hear songs in your head? Do they feel like guidance?
  • Does the sound of waves or rain bring you peace and relax you?
  • Do you say “I hear” in conversation?
  • Does the term “inner voice” resonate with you? 

Clairscent or clear smelling is a less common clair. Not to be confused with clairsentience, this is actually smelling a scent, fragrance or odor that is not in your surroundings. And this is not noticed with your human nose. These are methods of receiving intuitive information via smell awareness. Someone who trusts their intuition may connect the dots that they are sensing a fire before it has even started simply by smelling smoke that is not anywhere around them.

Signs You May be Clairscentient – if you answer yes to the questions below:
  • Does someone’s scent remind you of a loved one?
  • Are you sensitive to perfume in elevators? 
  • Have you been overwhelmed by a smell that makes you think of your past?

And finally, is Clairgustance or clear tasting. A good example of this is where someone tastes a food or drink that reminds them of a person or situation even when the item is not around, and neither are the people. This is another method of psychic information to be processed. 

Signs You May be Clairgustant – if you answer yes to the questions below:
  • Have you said, “that left a bitter taste in my mouth” when referring to a person or event?
  • Can you experience the taste of food from childhood without actually eating them? i.e. grandma’s famous cooking 
  • Are you sensitive to certain tastes?

Now that we’ve identified the 6 types of clairs and how to recognize and understand them, I would like to leave you with some additional tips that will really help you on this journey.
• Closing your eyes can help you focus beyond the here and now.
• Taking several deep breaths gets the oxygen moving and is relaxing.
• Get grounded to the earth and connected to love and light. 
• Be present: let go of past, future and current distractions. 
• Ask your angels and guides to be with you.
• Turn your high chakras up, and lower chakras down… Quiet the ego!
• Make a personal reference book: what does each color/angel/symbol mean to you and your intuition? Once you create a guide book it’s awesome reference for you! 
• Intuitively read the back of playing cards (to determine colors, numbers) with your 3rd eye. Not your normal 3D eyes. Try again and again and see how you do. 
• Practice seeing outside the box with pictures (i.e. Magic Eye books and more). 
• Tune into your pet (or even a plant) and see how they feel. Then try with a trusted good friend! Practice, practice, practice.
• Create a dream journal and see if you can pick up on patterns and repeating messages. 
• Eat nourishing healthy food (root vegetables) and drink your water, water, water!  
• Walk barefoot in the grass or a beach; hug a tree; garden; smile and genuinely compliment yourself in a mirror! 
• Mindfully practice gratitude daily. Say “Thank you, universe!” 
• Be humble and thankful. You are channeling (this information is not coming from human you. You have a blessed source connection).
• Meditate. 
• Balance your chakras. 
• Connect with nature and animals.
• Keep your vibration high.
• Self-care is essential. 
• Trust your guidance.

OK, I realize that’s a long list, don’t try to rush and do them all.  Review them and see which ones speak to you and start there.  But as you practice more and more from the list above you will likely discover you are becoming more in touch with your clairs and how they can impact and shape the world around you with increased awareness!

Now go, unleash your Clairs, you’ll be happy you did!

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WildFire: Clairaudience- I just had this happen to me. I was driving and out of nowhere a saying I heard in my head. I was thinking maybe I am crazy

Metoii: Hi Izzy, I really enjoyed reading both of your articles they are very informative. Being that you are an expert can you do articles also on the meaning of opening the third eye and also clearly explaining what an empath, a healer, and a lightworker are. Thanks! Again great article! First articles I really enjoyed on the psychic source website.

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