Finding a Lost Object: The Case of Missing Teeth by Psychic Rowen

Published Date 6/29/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

Call Rowen if you're missing something; she can find it easily!

When I was a kid all I wanted to be was Nancy Drew. But then, didn’t we all?  She was cool. She had friends, a nice boyfriend and she was almost magical in the art of deduction (Sherlock who?). And now that age-old desire to be a girl-detective, along with my psychic gifts, has helped several clients with missing objects. I’ve been asked about some pretty interesting missing objects in my career but my favorite, so far is: Grandma’s teeth.

A few months ago, I was doing a reading for a lovely young woman we will call Linda for the sake of her anonymity.  Linda was asking me about her romantic future and things were looking pretty bright in that department, but I kept seeing an image of an older woman and the back of a bed. Odd, but certainly not the strangest thing I’ve seen in my visions. Like most psychics, I receive lots of images during readings and try to fit them together like a puzzle.  For the most part, the puzzle pieces usually sync up rather nicely. However, in this reading, the one image that was driving me crazy was the older woman! Where does she fit in with a romance question? 

Linda suddenly says, “Oh! Rowen can you help me? My Gran is missing her teeth! She is just panicked about it!”

Ah ha! The conundrum is solved! I smiled and said, “Check the back of her bed, behind the bed post.” Sure enough her teeth were back there! What a relief for grandma! 

The problem with missing items is that the fact that they are missing causes us to panic and not think clearly. Take a deep meditative breath and think back to when you last saw the object. Chances are, the object is still there. If not, contact one of us for a psychic reading and we’ll do our best to help!
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