Find Out The Meaning Of Your Escalator Dream

Published Date 4/21/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

Find Out Your Escalator Dream Meaning

When you lay your head to sleep, you might not expect to have the same dream that you had the night before, but recurring visions are not uncommon. If you've been dreaming of an escalator as of late and you can't get the image out of your head, there may be a good reason for this.

Dream Moods, a dream interpretation website, claims that escalator dreams can signify that you're drifting between levels of consciousness. Moving up an escalator can specifically mean that you're coming close to confronting your underlying emotions and thoughts. This can be beneficial if you're conflicted in your waking life.

On the other hand, traveling downward on an escalator can mean just the opposite. While you don't necessarily need to be concerned, this vision may indicate that you should be more adamant about acknowledging your feelings on a regular basis.

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