Feeling Stuck? Choosing the Wrong Relationships? Try a Past Life Reading

Published Date 2/2/2018
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Look to the past to help improve the future.

Your soul has had many life experiences, some positive, some not so positive. There is a vibration that occurs with every life experience you’ve had, and this contributes to the way in which we make choices and take actions in our current lifetime. These choices could be for example, continuously choosing the wrong partners or career; problems with money; challenges with low self-esteem; sadness; trying to please everyone; fear of speaking our truth; feeling lost or victimized, to name just a few. 

The trick to discovering whether we are stuck in a previous life pattern or we are just being triggered from present life challenges is to ask, “Why does this keep happening?” and “What is it within me that is causing this?”  And to then trust the answer that comes to you! 

A Look to the Past
If you really feel that you have done everything you can to make changes in your current life but still feel that you are stuck, this is the sign that a past life reading can shed light and bring you some answers that will help you understand why you keep attracting the same issues over and again, and now avoid them.

Trapped Energy
Previous lifetimes are not always glamorous, they can be challenging where you have learned to survive and protect yourself. Picking the appropriate past life that is totally relevant to you currently, is like putting a key in the door and accessing trapped energies that will help you truly understand why you are making the same choices repeatedly. You will also realize how people in your current life played important roles in your past lifetimes and how you all helped one another learn and grow. Money often comes up too, and past lifetimes can show us how we squandered it or made heap loads of it and the reasons for current life time lack or poverty.

Discover Real Love
You will come to understand why a certain person in your life has always been connected with you and what you are both supposed to heal and work on together, perhaps unfinished business, unresolved karma and being able to feel compassion for that other person’s journey even though you may have been hurt by them. Or, you may find yourself connecting with a potential partner later in life, someone who feels very familiar to you. Usually this is a healthy past life connection, where each of you have spent many years apart to learn and grow in your own lives only to reconnect to discover real love, joy and moving forward together and helping others in your immediate circle. 

When people recall their past lifetimes with the help of an experienced past life reader they are simultaneously able to heal negative patterns and choices that are rooted in the past.  And that all leads to a bright future!
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Old Souls and Past Lives

Are you an Old Soul or curious about your Past Lives? Our Psychic Source Spiritual Advisors explain how the experiences of a lifetime, both good and bad, help our souls evolve and influence the choices we make.

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