Father's Day by Psychic Ali-Chrstina

Published Date 8/20/2020
Category: Psychic Topics

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It’s that time again … Father’s Day.   This day brings different thoughts and feelings to different people.  There are those of us who think about how wonderful it was to have a warm and loving father.  Then, there are those of us who wonder what it would have been like to have a warm and loving father.   Some of us still have our fathers and then there are those who have lost their fathers, for one reason or another.  Then there are some of us who never knew our fathers. Regardless of where we fit into those groups, it’s time to be thankful that we had a father, good or not so good, known or not.  It is from their contribution, deliberate or not, that we exist at all and have had the opportunity to become who we are or who we are working to become.    Good or bad, fathers offer us opportunities.  Sometimes we just don’t see it that way.  This is the time to consider it. For those with close relationships with “father”, there were so many opportunities to learn how to be strong, reasonable, playful, understanding, responsible, sharing and loving.   For those of us who had to struggle with “father”, for whatever reason, these values were much harder or near impossible to learn.  The good news is that we don’t have to continue to look back to what we missed.  The past is just that…over and done.  Good or not so good.  It’s what we do in the present that really matters now. The only valid reason I can think of to revisit the past is to learn from it.  If we had a great relationship with “father”, or anyone for that matter, terrific.   Remember and continue the wonderful legacy.   Those memories will be comforting and will bring peace. The rest of us really need to revisit the past only to remember, know and determine what not to continue into the present.  It also gives us the opportunity to FORGIVE and HEAL…   to move on and establish our own wonderful legacy.   The only way to ensure a peaceful and happy past is to make TODAY a peaceful and happy day.  You can do it and we will help. Today,  I send you Light,  love,  peace and happiness.    Please, accept it.  Ali – Christina

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