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Fall Equinox: The Time To Transform And Let Go Guided Video Meditation

Date 6/3/2024

The Fall or Autumnal Equinox is on September 23 this year at exactly 2:50 EST, right when the sun enters the sign of Libra. This is the point that marks the change from the light half of the year to the dark half of the year. From the Fall Equinox until the Spring Equinox there will be more darkness than light every day. So, one of the themes for this time of the year is balancing our light and dark side inside of us while the universe is doing the same in the world around us.

Fall Equinox Spiritual Meanings 

Traditionally this is a time of harvest, appreciation, reflection, and preparation for winter. Nature is in a time of transition. We can see that when we observe flowers and gardens fade and notice the leaves change color and drop. This is also a time of loss as the leaves let go of the trees to be reborn in the spring.

The Harvest Moon is the name given to the full moon that occurs nearest to the Autumn Equinox. This is because the light of the harvest moon made it possible for farmers to work late into the night, helping them to bring crops in from the fields. That makes this a great time, in my opinion, for shadow work. Shadow work involves balancing your light and your shadows. You go inward, deep into your psyche, so you can be reborn. 

In the pagan tradition Fall Equinox is celebrated as a harvest festival and is also called Mabon. In ancient times this was really important. Were there enough crops to get them through the winter, or would they need to ration food? Were there enough seeds saved to plant enough crops come spring? After the last harvest people celebrated. This included a feast, visiting with friends and family, and having decorations made of corn, squash, vines, and pumpkins. This is where we get our Thanksgiving traditions of today!

Persephone and Demeter

Now let’s go a bit deeper to help us fully understand this time of the year. I would like to tell you the story of Demeter and Persephone. This is one of my favorite stories from Greek Mythology, and I feel gives us a deeper understanding on the subject. Demeter’s name means Mother Earth. She was considered the mother of all crops, agriculture, and growth. She is also the Goddess of fertility, nature, and the seasons.  

She had a beautiful daughter whom she loved with all her heart named Persephone. Zeus, who was the ruler of the gods, promised Persephone to Hades (the God of the underworld), without Demeter’s knowledge. One day while Persephone was collecting flowers in the fields, the earth suddenly opened, and she was carried off by Hades. Demeter searched endlessly for her daughter with no luck. She was sick, had no strength, and was quite devastated. Because of Demeter’s state, the earth became infertile. All the crops died, and humans were suffering and dying.  Demeter’s grief was just too much for her to bear. All life on earth was threatened by extinction. 

Zeus was worried and didn’t want this, so he sent Hermes to the underworld to fetch Persephone. Hades released her but gave her a pomegranate to eat, which bound her to him for one half of the year. Demeter was so happy Persephone was back. Her joy was reflected when everything started to bloom again, and life was able to go on. Persephone’s time in the underworld is when we have fall and winter, and her return brings springtime and summer where life is in full bloom all around us. 

Astrological Advice for the 2023 Fall Equinox

Now there is one transit I would like to talk about briefly before we get into our meditation. Right as the sun moves into Libra, we see Saturn quincunx the Sun. This means that while we are in Libra season and seeking balance, peace, and beauty we will also be having some dissatisfaction when it comes to achieving some of our goals.

You may feel like the joy is just not there like it used to be. I assure you this is a phase; through patience and perseverance your effects will bring rewards. Just be sure to make some time for you. Something that makes you feel beautiful or at peace will be just the thing you need to give you a bit of a boost.

You got this! To get you started think of three things right now that you will work on releasing through this season. This can be people, behaviors, vices, anything standing in your way to becoming the very best version of you. We will bring this up in our meditation so feel free to write them down.

Happy healing! The entire universe and everyone here at Psychic Source are here to support you at this time. This process can sometimes be uncomfortable, because as humans we can hold on to things that may not be meant for us. We get used to what we have or what we are doing, even if it’s not good for us. When that happens, we start to live on auto pilot. But let me assure you that nothing good comes from staying in your comfort zone.

Letting go can be painful and if that’s the energy you’re in, you’re not alone. That’s exactly where you need to be to learn the lessons that bring you the most growth. I promise there is deep healing on the other side. Don’t forget to give yourself and the universe gratitude for the lessons learned as you go through the process.

If you need help figuring out exactly what you need to be moving away from call, message, or video chat one of the amazing psychics at Psychic Source to give you clarity on your situation 24/7. 


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