Exploring Your Own Telepathic Abilities

Date 7/4/2016

Learn how you can hone your telepathic abilities

Learn how you can hone your telepathic abilities

Telepathy allows you to go far beyond your five basic senses, but that doesn’t mean this ability isn’t firmly within your reach. If you’ve ever felt that you can communicate or understand perceptions and ideas by using extrasensory abilities, it’s time you explored your capacity for telepathy. Learn how to tune into your innate telepathic abilities and refine them so that they give your life deeper meaning.

Remove Doubts

When you first set out to explore your telepathic abilities, doubt often represents the biggest roadblock. To have the fullest experience on this journey, however, make a conscious effort to eliminate all doubts. Keep in mind that negative thoughts and skepticism can block extrasensory abilities, so believing in yourself and your potential couldn’t be more important.

Practice With a Partner

Since telepathy provides you with a deeper understanding of the thoughts and feelings of another person, you can’t hone your abilities without a counterpart. Designate yourself and your partner as either the sender or the receiver, and explore your ability to fulfill both roles. While people with highly developed telepathic abilities can often sense perceptions from complete strangers, starting out by practicing with someone close to you will offer a greater chance of success.

Relax Body and Mind

No matter if it’s in your mind or your body, a feeling of tension or distraction can compromise the ability of even the most experienced telepath. Before practicing with a partner, take the time to relax both your physical and mental forms.

Keep in mind that the stress and anxiety of daily life can prevent energy from flowing through you freely, which can severely limit your telepathic abilities. Similarly, busy thoughts and a lack of mental clarity can prevent you from truly opening up. If you have too much on your mind, try a live psychic chat to work through some of the distractions before proceeding.

Use Your Senses

Though psychic abilities like telepathy extend beyond the five senses, they draw very much from these basic perceptions. Like a clairaudient has the ability to hear extraordinary sounds, a telepath can often see sensations and thoughts. When you’re first exploring your telepathic abilities, start by visualizing your message to facilitate communication with your partner. At the same time, allow yourself to receive thoughts and perceptions in a visual form instead of focusing on words, speech, or written language.

Rely on Your Energy

Just as telepathy requires you to use more than just your basic senses, this practice also demands that you explore beyond the confines of your mind. Focus on the vast power of your personal energy and its incredible ability to create connections between you and those around you. No matter if your partner shares the same physical space with you or if you’re separated by many miles, envision a path of energy that connects you and safely transmits your perceptions.

Whether your initial telepathic exercises inspire a feeling of success or disappointment, they’re sure to bring surprises. Prepare to be astonished and amazed, and you’ll open the door to exploring your telepathic abilities to the fullest.


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