Examining the Underlying Benefits of Clear Quartz

Published Date 8/22/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

Examining the underlying benefits of clear quartz

You might already know that stones such as rubies and emeralds have special healing properties that can enhance your everyday life, but did you know that clear quartz can provide similar benefits? Although it's not as shiny and sparkly as gemstones, clear quartz has plenty to offer if you keep it by your side regularly.

This stone is thought to be the strongest when it comes to healing - many believe that clear quartz can absorb negative energy and remove it from your life, helping you feel better daily. It's also thought that clear quartz can enhance psychic ability, which makes it ideal if you're interested in exploring your underlying talents.

Quartz comes in many different shapes, sizes and varieties. Other types of quartz that are thought to possess beneficial properties are onyx, amethyst and rose quartz. However, clear quartz is believed to be the best for regulating energy levels.

For more information on stones and how they can benefit certain areas of your life, speak to your psychic. During a psychic chat, you can gain more knowledge pertaining to everything from quartz to emeralds.

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