Examining the rumored metaphysical and magical properties of emerald

Published Date 9/4/2012
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Examining the rumored metaphysical and magical properties of emerald

Many stones are thought to have metaphysical properties and be beneficial to those who hold them. One gem that has been used for years for its rumored healing abilities is emerald. This green jewel is the birthstone of May and is often associated with the goddess Venus, who is representative of beauty and love.

However, emerald is more than just a shiny green gem used in everything from necklaces to earrings. This stone is believed to be able to heal the body and bring energy to each of the organs. Emerald is also thought to restore spiritual balance and preserve love, which makes it valuable to those who are going through a difficult time in their lives.

People who believe in magic are known for using emeralds for various reasons, ranging from paranormal sight to protection against otherworldly beings. Whether or not you believe in all of these rumors, the properties of crystals are worth exploring.

Your phone psychic can give you more information on the properties of various stones. Psychic readings by phone may also be able to help you better understand what these precious gems can do for you.

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