Everything You Need to Know About Chat Readings by Psychic Santos

Published Date 10/11/2013
Category: Psychic Topics

Have you had a chat reading yet?

Why are chat readings better than phone readings?
For starters, if you’re not on the phone, you’re less likely to waste your minutes talking through topics. Instead, you can focus on the questions you need answered. Also, you’re more prone to asking depth questions regarding personal information, such as sexuality.

Are there Psychics that aren’t good at chat?
While some psychics may not be very fast typists, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel your energy via chat. However, I personally do better in chat because I cannot hear the person’s voice, so there is no chance of being biased. This way, the readings are based off of instincts.

Are there benefits to getting weekly chat readings?
Weekly chat readings relieve stress and promote positive energy. Also, you can save your readings for future reference. If you want a reading but can’t speak aloud, you can do it on your computer from anywhere.

Does a reading with a medium work over chat?
Sometimes the best mediumship is received during chat readings. Spirit talks to you quickly because you’re more open to using your psychic abilities.

So is chat the real deal?
Yes, chat is the best! Chat psychics need to be very experienced in order to help you to the best of their abilities while putting it all in writing.
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