Early Morning Meditation By Psychic Kya

Published Date 11/6/2009
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The first thing you must do is to imagine that everything is energy. The air, the walls, the carpet, all of it is energy. Now you must realize in an energy meditation, that EVERYTHING IS energy. Every object we touch and feel, every emotion we have, all of it is some form of energy. 1. Get comfortable. Wear loose fitted clothing and find a quiet corner to sit or stand.(I like to stay in my PJ's and do this before I shower and get dressed.) 2. Begin by taking several deep relaxing breaths. Remember to inhale in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Feel your diaphragm and rib cage expand on the inhale and contract on the exhale. 3. Close your eyes. Now visualize your room inside your mind. Begin to change each item you visualize into an energy particle. Make it glow like a green light and shoot it into your solar plexus, (stomach area). As you absorb each energy particle feel your self become stronger and more energized. 4. Next visualize your trees, grass, and flowers out side. See them as an ocean or sea of energy that flows into to you. Feel this energy as a vibration and feel your body begin to vibrate slightly. 5. Continue to relax while your breath is steady. Now visualize a great big blue sky. Your blue sky is silky and electric. You dive into this sea of blue mist and float freely, as the blue sky flows into you. You absorb it completely. You feel electric. It's as if you just swallowed a lightening storm. 6. Now there is nothing but endless black sky and stars. You are now the universe. You are folding into yourself. Folding many times as if folding a towel or sheet. Continue to fold the universe into yourself until you are a tiny bright speck of light. 7. As a tiny bright speck of light you begin to grow. You grow big and bright and burst forth as rays of bright yellow light covering the planet. You are happy. You shine bright. You feel energized. You feel warm and loved. 8. Hold this feeling as long as you can. You give energy to others around you. You are energy. Namaste Kya

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