Dreaming of pregnancy - what does it truly mean?

Published Date 11/11/2012
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Dreaming of pregnancy - what does it truly mean?

While some people might shrug off even the most intense dreams and attribute them to an overactive imagination, many believe that there's some truth behind what we see when we close our eyes every evening.

One common dream that people have is that they're pregnant - pregnant women and people who aren't carrying a child may both experience this dream. The meaning behind this is often linked to creativity - those who envision themselves being pregnant should be encouraged to pursue other passions within themselves to find more fulfillments in their everyday lives.

"Women literally create new life out of their bodies," Ally Mead, a dream analysis expert, told The Huffington Post. "If you dream of being pregnant, you are likely craving time to be creative, or 'dreaming up' a new and exciting creative project that will come into existence down the line."

Whether you're having pregnancy dreams or another recurring vision, consider speaking to your live phone psychic for more information. During a psychic reading, you can learn more about the true meaning behind your dreams and how they may affect your daily life.

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