Dreaming of Elephants by Psychic Indigo

Published Date 1/9/2013
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Elephants are a symbol of ancient power and wisdom

Our dreams are the key to insight into our inner self as well as what is going on in our world. Sometimes dreams can seem a little crazy and might not make sense until later, other times they offer us immediate insight of the present. However, when you dream of an animal, this animal is trying to speak to you and offer you knowledge in some way.  Indian Tribes see this as Animal Totems which are significant in your life just like conversing with your Spirit Guides. 

There are many sites and books which give us knowledge of these animals and their meanings. One of my favorite books is called “Animal Speak” which explains what each animal is trying to say to you.  

I just had to look up elephants myself since this is the first time I have ever dreamed of them. 

In my dream, I was lining up baby elephants against the walls of my home protecting them from poachers. I woke up when one of the baby elephants was taken. So I had no choice but to look up the meaning of elephants. Apparently elephants are a symbol of ancient power and wisdom. They are showing you your inner power and strength considering they are huge, powerful creatures that can knock out a whole tree in one swipe. 

Another piece of information I found interesting is the correlation with family and fertility. Elephants can bring a sense of connection with you and family. For me, I was lining up baby elephants one by one, showing that I was lining up and preparing for a family. So if you are in a relationship and are dreaming of elephants, they are letting you know that you are preparing for a family, and you just might have found the right one! 

As for fertility, when you dream of an elephant, this means you are in a fertile period of your life and can also bring in a new addition to family. In other words, now is the perfect time! So when you dream about an elephant, think about where you are at in your present situation and how this elephant is speaking to you!

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