Dreaming of a desert may indicate underlying loneliness

Published Date 1/9/2013
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Dreaming of a desert may indicate underlying loneliness

There's nothing like resting your head, closing your eyes and drifting off to dreamland, but not all of the visions you have while asleep may be comforting. Recurring dreams can be troublesome to many, particularly when they're tough to decipher.

One dream that you may have on a routine basis is a vision of walking through a desert. Those who find themselves stranded in a desert might feel a sense of despair, especially if the vision occurs night after night.

However, there are a few theories about dreams of the desert that may give you more insight into the vision. The first obvious belief is that this dream can indicate the feeling of being lost in your daily life.

A more in-depth theory about this dream is that you're feeling a sense of hopelessness in your waking life, as well as loneliness.

A psychic advisor who specializes in dream interpretation can help you learn more about your desert vision. After an online psychic reading, you can determine what changes need to be made in your waking life to keep the dream from happening again.

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