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Published Date 1/7/2013
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The dream world is a mystical place

Dreams are fascinating things. Sometimes they are magical and mysterious, and sometimes they are troubling or just plain weird. What do our dreams mean? Here are some pointers to help you interpret your dreams.

The Feelings

One way to determine what a dream was all about, is to take note of the emotions you felt during the dream and how you felt when you woke up. Are there things in your life that have, or are happening that stir up those same emotions? If so, the dream may be trying to help you work through those issues or help you find a solution.

The People

In some dreams there are faceless or unknown people, but in others we interact with people we know. The dream may in fact be about them, but oftentimes the person who appears in a dream is a metaphor for someone else in our current life. For example, if you are dating someone who reminds you in some way of an ex, you may suddenly dream about your ex. Since in your subconscious mind your boy/girlfriend and ex are similar, they are interchangeable in your dreams. The dream is trying to point out something about the current person or about how you interact with that person in your current waking life.

The Symbols

Symbols in dreams can give us powerful messages to help us both in our personal lives and on our spiritual journeys. These signs from the Higher Self, Angels, and Spirit Guides can appear in all sorts of ways, from actions such as flying or swimming, to archetypal figures such as a mother goddess or a warrior, to animals, religious symbols, a favorite object, and even abstract symbols. What each symbol means depends upon what it means to the dreamer. If it seems to come out of the blue, look up the meaning or talk to a psychic who can help tap into the symbols for you. There are many textbook meanings for all sorts of symbols, but always trust what resonates with you most.

Dreams and Journaling

These are just a few pointers for dream interpretation, as dreams can be very complex and are different for everyone. The dream world is a mystical place where we can dive into and understand the depths of our psychology as well as connect with our Higher Selves. I recommend keeping a dream journal so you can go back and re-experience your dreams and maybe discover new insights. By journaling, you may even discover that seemingly unconnected dreams are actually part of a whole series or a continuous story that shifts and changes according to the happenings in your waking life. Explore the dream world. There is much to learn from it!

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