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Published Date 6/29/2012
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Dream animals appear for many humans.

I have been an animal lover all my life, I credit animals with teaching me about unconditional love from an early age and I never forgot those feelings and the love given to me.  For some of us, another way animals reach us is in dreams and visions throughout our lives.  Even in this manner, I always seem to pick up on their special guidance, protection, and wisdom that any animal can bring to me.  Sometimes, animals come to us in recurring dreams, giving us thoughts about past lives, inspiration, and even feeding our souls when it seems so empty.

In the natural world, no one animal is more important than another.  After a recurring dream, we may go out and buy “totems” to decorate our homes and not realize why we are compelled to do so.  Whether the animal comes to us in dreams or is a pet companion, the animal represents a lesson; the animal is the teacher and afterwards it’s there to comfort us in our time of need.

For myself, one of the most profound and mysterious dreams and totem in my life came as a dream; I’ll call him Buster a dog.  Always appearing by himself, very muscular, and seemed bigger than life, usually comes to me out of thin air and stands to my right side.  Finally after developing some of my psychic abilities and talking to Buster after I woke up, and many dreams later I found out he was there for protection and to give me strength, which I felt I had not fully developed at that time.  It has been said different animals represent core emotions and concepts, just another way of releasing bottled up feelings, if we so chose.  Buster still comes to me and I always welcome his kind hearted eyes gazing at me and we talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Dream animals appear repeatedly for many humans.  Dreaming time is a rich and diverse alternate reality, offering an entirely new world experience and possibilities.  Dreams can be richly rewarding and should not be dismissed or pushed to the side.  Some believers believe that dream time is our true reality, and our “waking” hours are merely a time for studying and enacting our dreams.  Perhaps they are right.  It’s up to us, the common people to always challenge experts in any field to get the authentic truth that is out there somewhere.  I don’t know about you, but I am a seeker of the truth.  Good luck with your animal dreams and totems.  Animals are there to be our friends and to help us on our journeys.

Author's Photo by Torri x8875

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