Does Your Cat have a Job?

Published Date 8/17/2012
Category: Psychic Topics

Does your dog have a routine? Does your cat have a job? Share your animal stories with us!

In a recent article written by Psychic Benjamin 8468, he explained some tips and tricks he’s picked up over the years about those domestic creatures that so enrich our lives. As an animal communicator with more than 10 years of communicating practice, he’s quite the expert!

We wanted to take the opportunity to explore some of Benjamin’s tricks and see if you’ve seen them in their own pets and animals. Share your stories with us!

Dogs Thrive on Routine
What daily routines does your pooch follow?
If you’ve recently adopted a dog or have gotten a puppy, are you noticing anything out of the ordinary about their routine? (Or perhaps you’re anxiously waiting for them to have one!)

Cats Love a Job
Does your cat protect certain areas of the house?
If playing is your cat’s forte, which games or toys do they require while working?

Balanced Human = Balanced Pet!
Have you noticed any habits of your own that seem to bother or disturb your pet?
Does your pet seem to know when you’re in a certain mood? Animals are a part of our family and understanding them can mean a happier You!

If you have questions about the animals in your life, call a Pet Psychic today!

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