Does Everybody Dream? Why Don't I? By Psychic Arthur

Date 11/21/2017

"Yes Virginia, everybody dreams."

"Yes Virginia, everybody dreams."

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Many times people say, “I don’t dream. I never have dreams.” Really? Are you sure about that? Why? Because everybody dreams, according to science. Studies and research have shown that if a person sleeps, they dream. 

There are several stages of sleep. Stage one is when the muscles relax. In stage two, your muscles are relaxed and brain activity slows down. Stages three and four bring deep sleep. After thirty minutes of deep sleep, the brain and body repeat the stages until reaching stage two. At this point, you move into rapid eye movement (REM cycle) – this is when we all dream. Since the brain is just about as active as when you’re awake during REM, this is the closest stage to being awake.

Just because someone doesn’t remember their dreams doesn’t mean they don’t have them.

“You almost certainly do dream, but you don’t remember that you do,” explains David Kahn, PhD, of Harvard Medical School. “The part of the brain that remembers what we’ve just said or done is essentially off-line when we sleep, so the vast majority of dreams are forgotten. The only people who might not dream are those with stroke damage or who have lesions on specific parts of the brain. Even in these extreme cases, it isn’t clear whether these people don’t dream of whether they are just incapable of remembering dreams.”

Other reasons why people may forget that they have dreams can be attributed to a number of factors that can inhibit the body from entering REM sleep, such as alcohol, caffeine, certain types of antibiotics or antidepressants, stress, lack of sleep, too much sleep, and in some cases, the person’s unconscious fear about what they might dream about. 

Dr. Kahn says there are techniques that people can use to help remember their dreams: “If you keep a pad or a tape recorder by your bed and jot down your dreams before they disappear, you are more likely to remember them. There’s also evidence that we can will ourselves to retain more dreams. Before you go to sleep and after you wake up, tell yourself you want to remember.”

So, the bottom line: “Yes, Virginia… everybody dreams.” However, if you believe you don’t dream or have trouble remembering them, try taking Dr. Kahn’s advice. Also, make sure to check out the article Tips to Remember What Dreams May Come

At the same time, try speaking with a psychic dream interpreter, like me, and get a psychic look into what may be holding you back from not only remembering your dreams, but what your subconscious and your guides may be trying to tell you.

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