Do You Regularly Dream of Exercising?

Published Date 4/18/2013
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Do you regularly have dreams of exercising?

There's nothing more unnerving than having the same dream night after night, even if it isn't a nightmare. A repeated vision can keep you wondering what it's about, and it may make you start to think twice about actions in your daily life.

One dream that many people have on a regular basis is of exercising, but what does it mean? If you haven't been working out frequently as of late, you might think of it as a reminder to hit the gym. However, a main reason why people believe exercise dreams happen is because the individual who has it is constantly trying to improve upon an aspect of his or her life. Working out may indicate your desire to advance in anything from your love life to your career.

However, another assumption about this dream is that it indicates a need to exercise actual rights in your waking life. If you're feeling restrained, speaking out about your emotions and taking action can potentially help you put these dreams to an end.

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