Do You Know the Different Niches of Psychics?

Published Date 5/26/2015
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Different types of psychics posess different abilities and connections.

Most people are familiar with the term "psychic", but there are many different types of psychics under that umbrella term. Some common types of psychics include clairvoyants, mediums, clairaudients, and empaths, and although there are many overlaps in what each one does, the abilities of each type of psychic differs from the rest. Here are some of the common kinds of psychics you may meet and the niches they serve.


Someone who is clairvoyant possesses the ability to see beyond sight in the physical sense. Clairvoyance can occur in the form of telepathy or precognition. If you work with an online clairvoyant, he or she will often receive information in the form of symbols, mind pictures, or overlays that they will then pass on to you. However, clairvoyants do not have two-way conversations. In other words, a clairvoyant will sense the spirit, but they cannot send messages back. They can only receive messages and then pass them on.


A medium, however, has a back and forth connection with the spirit. Mediums can communicate with the deceased, and often get messages from those who have crossed-over. Contact can occur in visual, audio, sensory, or other forms. Some mediums can make calls to a spirit while others can only receive the call. There are some mediums who can do both. In any case, both the medium and spirit are aware of the connection. As a result, spirits will often go to mediums when they have a message to pass to someone living.


Sensitives differ from mediums and clairvoyants in where they can receive their information. Mediums and clairvoyants can get their information when and wherever the spirit chooses. But sensitives can only get information when they're in a haunted spot or somewhere a spirit visits. They can make either type of connection, but they can only do it in certain places.

Clairaudients and Clairsentients

People with the ability to hear beyond physical hearing are clairaudient. These psychics can sense music, sounds, or voices beyond the physically present. Clairsentients have this ability in terms of feeling. They can sense or feel beyond the physical world. Often, a clairsentient will get information through heightened abilities of the five physical senses or from intuition.


Like clairaudients and clairsentients, empaths can sense things beyond what is present. An empath can feel and/or sense the emotions of others or residual emotions. For an untrained empath, this can become very overwhelming as the emotions they sense might feel like their own emotions. Public places and large crowds can cause trouble for empaths. Empaths often have one or more other psychic ability as well, so it's not uncommon to find an empath who is also, for instance, clairaudient.

Whether you're looking to connect with someone or something from the past, honing in on your abilities, or are simply interested in learning about what's out there, understanding the different niches of psychics is very important. Mediums, empaths, and clairaudients are all unique in key ways, and each can uncover something different from a connection. 


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