Do you Have Animals in Your Dreams?

Published Date 8/20/2012
Category: Psychic Topics

Have animals ever showed up in your dreams?

Dreams can often seem so vivid it’s as if they really happened, so when you dream of something unexpected, it can baffle you. Much can be discovered in way of our dreams and there are often hidden meanings and underlying themes we may not pick up on. If you have dreams that involve animals, the below may help you sort out some of the meanings behind the beasts behind your eyes.

These animals are independent, stealth and can be aloof. You may have been keeping someone at arm’s length or someone may feel you are being a little disengaged lately.

This dairy-providing beast symbolizes gentleness and is seen as a provider. Worshiped in some cultures, this calm animal can mean you feel stable at the moment, but cows are easily spooked, so you may have to hold your ground.

A noble beast, the hose is a strong and powerful being, that stands tall and proud.  The horse represents hard work, a strong-will and independence.

While cleanliness isn’t the pigs forte, intelligence sure is! Pigs are known for their brains and can be gluttonous with their learning (as well as other habits). But, beware of the filth that may follow the pig and the associates around the mess.

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