Do You Frequently Dream About Work?

Published Date 4/8/2013
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Do You Frequently Dream About Work?

There's nothing worse than having a recurring dream and not understanding its meaning, especially when it leaves you feeling unnerved. One vision that many people have is of work, and you might fall into this category. Do you know what it means to repeatedly dream about being at your job?

"Dreams can highlight things that are worrying in our lives and can help us … sort out [not only] our emotional problems, but also the problems we face in daily life and work," dream expert Craig Hamilton-Parker told Monster, the hiring search engine.

In some instances, people believe that dreaming about work is actually a wake-up call, according to Dream Moods, a dream interpretation website. If you're constantly envisioning yourself sitting at the office, you might want to think about what you're procrastinating on in your waking life. Many experts claim that this recurring dream indicates the need to stop procrastinating in a career sense.

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