Do I Have Psychic Abilities? How to Channel Your Gifts

Date 9/21/2023

Sensing the energy of another through psychic abilities

Sensing the energy of another through psychic abilities

People often wonder whether they have psychic abilities. If you seem to have stronger intuition than most, or if you feel as though you have the ability to read people very clearly, you could have a gift that you may be able to further develop. In order to strengthen this ability, you'll need to devote some time to channel and perfecting your skills.

Meditate Daily

Before you can connect to others with your psychic abilities, you'll need to become more mindful and aware of your own vibrations. When you can become more relaxed and aware of what is happening beyond your surroundings, it's easier to feel connected to your spirit guides and your higher self. You can also focus on the energy of others when you're relaxed and in the moment. If you're having trouble with meditation, start out with a guided session that can help you focus your thoughts and disconnect from the things in your life that may be causing distractions.

Read the Energy of Objects

After you have been able to successfully meditate, you can start perfecting your ability to read the energy of things around you. Begin with an object, such as a wedding ring or other item that may have meaning behind it. Close your eyes and try to use your intuition to hear, see, or sense something about the person who owns the object. You may experience feelings that are linked to the memories around the object, such as happy memories when holding a wedding ring or thoughts of a person who has passed away when holding an urn. 

Develop Your Visualization Skills

Psychic abilities are often connected to the skill of visualization. When you are able to read the energy of another person, you may visualize experiences or situations that pertain to them. In order to get to this point, you'll need to perfect your visualization skills. Start by practicing in a natural surrounding. Look at several types of flowers or leaves, and then close your eyes and visualize those items in your mind's eye. From there, start visualizing other items. Focus on your third eye and allow your spirit guides to show you images.

Use Resources

When you're working on channeling your psychic abilities, it's helpful to use the resources available to you. Others with psychic abilities have written books and share information on their websites about channeling your gift. Doing online psychic readings can also help you get more insight into how other psychics are able to awaken their higher consciousness.

Sense the Aura of Another

Another way to improve your psychic abilities is to sense the aura of another person, or the energy field that they produce. Use your hands to feel the energy coming from the body of someone else. You could feel sensations like tingling or warmth. Try to retain that sensation by using your third eye to feel their energy, rather than seeing them physically.

Find the best online psychics to discuss these practices and learn more about intuition, clairvoyance, and reading the energy of others. You too can perfect your gift.


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