Develop Your Psychic Skills with a Three Card Tarot Spread by Psychic Zoey

Date 10/7/2022
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What will your 3 Card Spread Reveal?

What will your 3 Card Spread Reveal?

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Learning to read the tarot is an excellent way to develop your psychic skills. Please allow me to show you how. The easiest way, as in most disciplines, is to begin slowly and simply. In this regard, we’ll begin with a simple three-card spread. So, to start, deal your deck up by any method you choose. The purpose here is to scramble the cards so all energy from other readings (and querents) is gone. Then simply draw three cards from the now-shuffled deck. Please follow your intuition as one card or cards will draw you toward it. 

When done, lay out the spread in the order drawn. There are many assorted ways to read the tarot, but one rule should remain firm: never read one card alone, rather as part of a combination; in this case of three cards. Note: If asking a specific question, it is best to have the question in mind prior to shuffling and choosing cards from the deck.  You can also try a Yes No Tarot Reading as another way to receive answers. 

Tarot Reading with a Question in Mind
The following is an example when having a specific question in mind: After shuffling and choosing, I laid the cards out. The question my client asked was: “Will this relationship work?” The cards I drew were Six of Wands, Five of Swords, and Eight of Cups (as shown in the image to your right). Read as a three-page story, the spread showed, the man in this relationship had been very proactive, dictating the direction of this relationship. He liked to appear as a “knight in shining armor”, when in fact he was not. In time, the woman in the situation came to the realization that perhaps this man was not after her best interests. And eventually, in time, she was the one to walk away from the relationship.

Interpreting the Spread for a General Tarot Card Reading
A spread for the “knowledge of the tarot” went as follows: One of my clients had asked for just that, rather than a specific question she just wanted to discover whatever she needed to know. The spread drawn was as follows: Four of Wands, King of Swords, Queen of Swords. It seems the Universe wanted to tell my client that she had some issues to deal with regarding the home, and that she should try to resolve them rather than turn away from any discord. Her husband ruled the home with kindness, yet he wanted to be seen as the “one in charge”. She had always acquiesced to him, and turned a blind eye to anything he proposed. However, lately she was learning to trust her own strength. Universe was advising her to step up and claim her power. That she too had equal rights in the home and the relationship.

One further note: Each suite has a general meaning besides the symbolism given to each individual card. For instance, the suite of Wands signifies intellect, inspiration and intuitive thinking. Suite of Swords: Power, Motivation, Action, Force, Bravery. Suite of Pentacles: Of the Earth plane, dealing with money, work, and sustenance. Suite of Cups: Emotions, Nourishment, Love.

Enjoy the tarot, have fun with it, and remember the more you practice, the better you’ll get at reading the nuances associated with each card and their correlation to others in the spread. 

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