Develop Your Psychic Abilities Podcast Series: Being an Intuitive by Psychic Leena

Published Date 10/20/2016
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Sometimes it’s hard to use, trust, or believe in your “gut feeling.” But you can tap into that through meditation! Leena guides you through the process of unclogging your channel of perception so that clarity can filter in. This will allow you to ask for wisdom, strength and patience to grow spiritually.

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By Psychic Leena x7951

Accepting the Voice Within

Being an intuitive is a birthright that everyone has. This ability is within all of us. Having psychic abilities can start from using your intuition. There are many paths to enlightenment: clairvoyance, remote viewing, automatic writing, scrying and so on. Intuition is one of these paths. Think of intuition as spiritual in nature. It's the voice of divine spirit manifesting through your mind; the highest part of ourselves talking to us. Intuition is very valuable because it can separate spiritual truths from what we want to be true. 

Universal law follows one simple rule: The more you listen to your inner voice, the more you will be guided correctly in making the right decisions in life. This covers all areas including love, career, finances, family, and even helping others. Have you ever had an experience when you regretted doing something or not doing something? That you should have listened to your gut instinct? We all have experienced this effect to some degree. Recognizing that "feeling" is the basic starting point for using, trusting, and believing yourself to produce better out comes. 

Exercises to Work on Your Intuition

To attract truth and knowledge through intuition, the most crucial element is being able to hear what messages divine is trying to share with you. Acknowledgment is key. The super consciousness speaks to providing us with protection and a blanket from any form of negativity. This can come to us at any moment, at any given time, and will be instantaneous when we’re faced with needing answers for important decisions or even little tasks. 

An important method for tapping into intuition and psychic abilities is mediation (the practice of clearing the mind from toxins that we get exposed to such as negative people and circumstances). Clearing out negativity will allow clarity to filter in, unclogging our channels of perception. It's important to pick a quiet place to meditate with no distractions where you can strictly focus on self. Also, it's wise not to wear anything that feels constricting on the body so that you will be comfortable in every way.    

Learning to Focus

1. Zone out any noise that will interfere with your concentration.  
2. Release all your frustration, fear, and anger and surround yourself with images of light. 
3. Talk with your inner self. 
4. Visualize a place you feel safe and have good memories of or think of something that makes you happy. Envision all your needs and desires, remain positive and give permission to the higher powers to intercede with divine intervention on your behalf. Remain grounded and don’t let any negative thoughts seep in.
5. Ask for wisdom, strength and patience to forge forward. 

Taking your power back starts with the belief in self! You are only limited to what you can achieve by not trusting your intuition. The amount of time you devote to enlightenment should be consistent, particularly when you feel the need and especially during difficult times. Using these methods will harness peace of mind. As you grow spiritually you will experience life in a whole new way!

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