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Develop Your Psychic Abilities Podcast Series: Being an Empath by Psychic Sadia

Date 4/15/2022

Guided Meditation Podcasts
Sadia developed a daily meditation teaching you how to “protect” yourself from the intense feelings of others and to release negative energy/excess emotions on a daily basis. Sadia’s meditation is even perfect for those who aren’t empaths but are looking to release stress or get through a hard time.

Sadia x8659 Photo

By Psychic Sadia x8659

Learn to Control Absorbed Emotions

As human beings we already have so many emotions of our own that we deal with all day long. As an empath, every time you talk to someone you feel their emotions too. We interact with so many people daily that it becomes emotional overload, especially in your early stages of development because you absorb it all. Regular customers of mine have experienced me laughing and crying with them but they left the call feeling better.

An empath since a little girl, I was able to stand close to someone and feel their emotions; they didn't have to say a word. If they were happy I would start laughing and smiling or if they were sad I'd start crying. Needless to say my parents were a bit concerned. As I became older I picked up on emotions everywhere. I didn't have to be standing close to a person. I could walk into a room, through a store, down a street, or even just talk to someone on the phone and I would feel everything. If I was near a person long enough with an illness or an injury I would begin to feel their pain/sickness.

I absorb all emotions positive and negative but only afflictions that I see on a body. Hospitals are one of the most difficult places for me to visit. I remember absorbing the pain from a woman who had a burn on her face. I could feel the heat and burning on that side of my face and had to excuse myself and walk away. I try not to stay anywhere for long periods of time but when I have to stay in difficult surroundings I envision myself in a ball of white light to keep me grounded. In my meditation I refer to this as a white balloon. Once you master that balloon you can visualize it anywhere.

To survive being an empath you must RELEASE NEGATIVE EMOTIONS DAILY.

The meditation exercise I have created for you teaches you to separate each negative emotion and release it from your body. If we don't, we feel overwhelmed, stressed, moody sometimes even have physical effects and illnesses. Like a sponge, we swell up with feelings we don't need and have to squeeze out the excess emotions to better understand what’s happening inside us. With practice, this meditation will help you separate your emotions from the emotions of others. During the meditation, any feeling that is not yours you can transfer to the yellow balloon.

The best part? You don't have to be an empath to use this!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or going through a tough time this meditation can help you let go of unnecessary stress. If you are an empath, releasing your negative emotions daily will help strengthen your abilities. You can use this meditation anytime you have an emotional overload throughout the day but I recommend listening to it in the evening so you will start the following day with a clean slate. This allows you to recognize emotions that aren’t yours instead of jumbling them together. With practice you will be able to feel what the person is going through and what they will need to improve their situation. As an empath you will be able to help others in need and as always I am here for you if you need me.

Sadia XOXO

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Shusha: Once I was listening to a client over the telephone, when I started cramping out of nowhere. I asked my client, "Are you having abdominal pain because of your emotional pain?" The client was surprised, "How did you know that?!" ...When I'm a client and speak to an empath, I worry that the advisor feels too much pain from the people in my story... But my clients felt better knowing that I shared their pain -- if a client can't handle her/his pain, it certainly does help knowing that somebody shared that pain! That's where, I think, empaths are needed the most... Thank you, Sadia, for sharing your day-to-day empathic experiences in this article!

sunshineshan: I just found this. Love it! I will definitely use this meditation tool!

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