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Develop Your Psychic Abilities Podcast Series: Being a Medium by Psychic Ricky

Date 4/20/2022
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Every medium is different. In Ricky’s podcast, he offers various techniques that he has developed over the years that resonate with his own individual spirit, but he explains that it’s important that you adapt these variations to fit your own needs. You should always be open to new educational opportunities to enhance your gifts.

Ricky x8106 Photo

By Psychic Medium Ricky x8106

No Two Are Alike

Developing mediumship—connecting with the “Other Side”—isn’t just reserved for celebrity mediums we see on T.V.  There are many wonderful mediums known only on a local level who do just as important and special work as the famous ones. All too often there’s confusion about what a medium is compared to a psychic. John Edward said it best: “All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.” 

An individual who is sensitive to the energies of the spirit world and can convey messages (information that is able to be validated) from the spirit realm. The medium uses his or her ability to discern past, present and the future, and connect with heaven.

Connects with the energy connected to the individual without spiritual contact. 

For many years I focused mainly on psychic abilities, yet on more occasions than I can recall, a client would say, “No, that’s not right…” only to return later to confirm things that they didn’t know at the time were accurate. It quickly became apparent that I was not exclusively reading their energy, but was receiving information from outside influencers. The spirit world was connecting all the time and I simply wasn’t aware of how it worked.

One common thread I’ve observed with mediums is that every single one of us have seemed to endure greater than average challenges in life, especially in childhood. Some of the most accurate mediums I’ve ever seen overcame and healed from an extraordinarily painful past. I believe this occurs so that we can do the work of heaven without judgment and with a higher degree of love and sensitivity. The medium is truly a spiritual specialist that must identify complex issues and covey messages from the spirit world honestly, with clarity and love. 

How can you develop your own mediumship?

Explore your spiritual path with an open mind and heart. 

I once met a man who could look at anyone and correctly discern his or her age.  I witnessed him doing it to a crowd of at least twenty. I was one of them. He was spot on every single time. But that was all he could do. Nothing more. He wanted to advance his psychic skills and asked me what he could do to develop them. When I asked what his spiritual path was he proudly stated that he was an atheist.  He believed in nothing but himself, and that was a challenge for him. I shared with him that until he found some link with spirituality, no matter what it was, he would not develop any further than a back-lot carnival act.

As a medium, we connect with heaven, or whatever you prefer to call the spirit world. One doesn’t have to have a traditional or dogmatic religion, but follow what feels right with your spirit. Don’t restrict yourself with labels or traditions that would hinder your growth.

We never stop learning and growing. Consider mediumship the absolute and ultimate ideal relationship. The more we invest in it, the more we get back.  We never rest from our studies. I earned my certification from the oldest spiritualist association in the U.S. yet I still study and meditate every day.

Be realistic.

I’ve never met a genuine medium who goes through life, 24-hours a day, vividly seeing spirits. That concept sells movie tickets. We can often discern spirits without trying, all day, every day, rather “walking between the worlds” but to receive evidential messages we need to be attuned to the vibration of spirit. 

In the podcast I offer various techniques to help you focus and receive information from the spirit realm. Just as every individual is unique, so is every medium. What works for me may work differently for you. Develop your own variations of attunement that are refined to resonate with your own individual spirit.

There is one path of study that will enhance your mediumistic abilities and every aspect of your life:  Natural Law. It is more than simply a philosophy, but a concept of living that will enrich every single aspect of your life. There are many, many books and articles about Natural Law. Explore and be led to discover more about it and it will refine your mediumship and your world in every way.

Be blessed,

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Shusha: Hi, Ricky! I haven't gotten a chance to speak to you yet - your waiting line is always so long.. I get a message that I can't get a place when I request to get in line! I was very excited to hear this podcast, because I have a favorite guide on the other side who, one summer, was sticking around during the weekends (though I hadn't particularly set that as a schedule) and left Monday mornings! Even when I didn't have to work that Monday morning! He left as if to say, "OK, I gotta get back to my work upstairs!" So it's funny, especially given that some mediums say, "There's no time on the other side." I just feel like they have their "regular jobs" upstairs.. but come down here as "volunteers" when called.. (Am I dreaming?)

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