Feng Shui is associated with the placement and organization of items in your home to promote harmony, but did you know you can apply Feng Shui to your car?

Creating Good Car-ma! by Psychic Arthur

Date 3/9/2023
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Feng Shui Your Car

Feng Shui Your Car

In 1959, when Standard Oil came up with the slogan: “Put a tiger in your tank,” they almost got it right! In Feng Shui, cars are considered “predatory tigers.” Let's think of your car as a second home and apply feng shui principles to your car.

As many know, Feng Shui - which literally translates to wind and water – is the Chinese art of creating harmony between the flow of chi of an environment and individuals, in order to achieve prosperity and good fortune. It is believed that negative chi in your car can lead to problems with your car and health, while positive chi can protect you and your car from accidents and theft. Here are some quick and easy tips to help feng shui your car for good chi. Also, while some suggestions may sound like common sense, when it comes to Feng Shui, it all makes sense.  

How to Feng Shui Your Car

Make it Clean & Clutter-Free: Like our homes, our cars represent how we treat ourselves. So, keep your car clean, organized, and clutter-free. Clutter can zap the flow of positive chi, draining the life force out of the driver and passengers.

Clean Your Windows: Windows are considered the eye of the car, so keep them clean at all times - to not only help your visibility on the road, but they give you a clear view of your path through life. Clean windows allow positive energy to enter from outside.

Maintenance Matters: How you maintain your car reflects how you maintain your money and investments. Treat them with respect and the Universe sends more. A well-kept car also leads to relaxed energy, which leads to a relaxed driving experience. In Feng Shui, it's important to fix what's broken. It’s also important to check: the electric system (your car’s nervous system); the fuel lines and hoses (your car’s digestive system); and the heating and air conditioning systems (your car’s respiratory system).

Generate Pure Energy: Ring a small handbell or play enjoyable music and clap your hands inside your car. Onlookers may think you're nuts, but cleansing the energy inside a car brings new energy, clearing out any negativity left by passengers, a negative driving experience, or an argument. While ringing the bell or clapping to some music, set the intention that you are now “driving forward, leaving the past behind.” (It’s highly recommended to “pure the energy” if you’ve purchased a used car.)

Sprinkle Sea Salt: Since salt absorbs negative energy, scatter some sea salt on or under the car floor carpets. (Remember to repeat after vacuuming out the car.) Smudging is another technique for banishing negative energy, and here's what to do when smudging is not an option.

Drive with Dragons: Dragons are a very powerful symbol in Feng Shui since they protect and bring good luck. Place a small dragon sticker or picture somewhere in your car. (Personally, I keep a picture of a dragon in my glove compartment.)

Carry Water: The best element for a car is water. Water is flowing, smooth, and clear – and the best element for your car. Carry a bottle of water in your car, and drink it if you’re thirsty, but do not leave the bottle there for the water to become stagnant. (Unless you want a stagnant journey through life.)

This one’s up to you: Some feng shui practitioners say not to hang crystals or anything on your rearview mirror since it will draw away the attention of the protective dragon. Others recommend hanging a black ribbon from your rearview mirror since black is the color of the Water Element. However, some will say red tassels with little mirrors. (Personally, I shy away from anything dangling from my rearview mirror.)  

Looking to drive forward with your life? Give me a call and let’s get you on the right path!

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Psychic Arthur has worked as a professional psychic for over 25 years, appearing on television and radio. In addition to his career as a psychic, he’s worked as a reporter/journalist, is an accomplished film and television composer, music producer, freelance writer, and author of the Psychic Source ebook: The Definitive Guide To Psychic Readings: 7 Steps To Get An Excellent Psychic Reading Every Time, exclusively available on Kindle. He holds a Bachelor of Music Education and is a certified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Facilitator. Arthur is a resident of Los Angeles, CA.


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