Counteracting Negative Stereotypes of Psychics

Published Date 9/17/2015
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Real psychics don't resemble the ones you see in the movies.

When you hear the word psychic, you might picture a carnival fortune-teller seated in front of a crystal ball, fingers adorned with chunky rings, voice soft and mellifluous as she promises grave danger in your future. Or maybe you imagine a late-night infomercial guaranteeing wealth and prosperity for three easy payments of $59.95. In reality, though, psychics bear little resemblance to these caricatures.

Spotting the Stereotypes

Before you can eliminate preconceived stereotypes of psychics, you must confront the associations you've made in your head. Close your eyes and think about the word. What do you see?

It might be Whoopi Goldberg's character in "Ghost" or Professor X from the comics. You might think of shady, off-the-beaten-path storefronts with neon signs in the windows, or perhaps you hear the words, "I hear dead people" echo in the back of your mind.

Confronting the Confusion

Most of the stereotypes about psychics stem from their portrayal in movies, books, graphic novels, and other media. Fiction requires certain elements to succeed: over-the-top villains, catastrophic drama, and memorable heroes chief among them.

Push aside the mental images you acknowledged above and educate yourself on the reality of psychics. How do they work? In what ways do they benefit their clients? Why do they suffer from such maligned reputations?

If you're struggling with a lack of knowledge or perspective, consider booking online psychic readings. A firsthand experience with an experienced intuitive allows you to push aside preconceived notions in favor of hard facts.

Recognizing the Reality

The word psychic encompasses a vast variety of intuitives who garner information in different ways:

  • Clairaudience: These professionals receive information via an inner ear
  • Clairvoyance: A visual gift that allows intuitives to see information
  • Clairsentience: The gift of receiving information as a feeling - physical or emotional 
  • Claircognizance: An intuitive who simply knows information without being told

Other types of psychics exist as well, and some intuitives possess multiple gifts. Each uses his or her intuition to guide others down specific paths, find answers to questions, connect with deceased loved ones, and otherwise find their way in the world.

Immersing in Intuition

Psychics, contrary to popular media stereotypes, don't spend their entire lives gazing into crystal balls, drawing cards from a tarot deck, or issuing vague but alarming warnings to people they meet on the street. They have families and hobbies and interests just like everyone else.

What skills or talents do you possess? Maybe you were born with the ability to draw beautiful pictures, sing complicated songs, or multiply four-digit numbers without benefit of a pad and pen. Just like you, intuitives or psychics have unique abilities. Theirs simply require a greater amount of understanding to accept.

Sometimes psychics miss the mark, but they genuinely want to help you. Participate in a live psychic chat and immerse yourself in the experience so you know how psychics work.

The only way to dispel stereotypes is to learn where you're wrong. Exposing yourself to intuitives helps you understand their true purpose as well as their motivations.


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