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Date 2/28/2023
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Meditation is one way to connect to Source Energy.

Meditation is one way to connect to Source Energy.

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Occasionally we may find ourselves in a situation where it’s not possible to speak to our advisor(s) for help, but there’s always something we can do for ourselves to manage a situation right when we need to! These self-help tools for connecting to source energy are additional support that can be used in situations that come up at the moment. They are also good to use anytime you want to help feel calm, confident, and strong (Connect to Source), shift the energy of a situation (Releasing Exercise), or put a buffer between your emotions and a situation (Mirror Technique).    

Here are a few quick and easy meditations you can use that will help ground, center, clear, and expand your energy field; shift your energy or the energy in any situation, and help you protect yourself in times when you feel anxious or a bit too drained by others.   

Tools for Connecting to Source Energy 

Use this for grounding and centering yourself, clearing your energy, expanding your energy, and magnetizing those things you want to come in. This can be done anywhere, at any time throughout the day, and at night when you go to bed.  This meditation is about connecting with pure source energy.  It may take a bit at first, but it can be done in about 30 seconds after you’ve done it for a bit...use it going into any situation.     

Sit, stand, or lay in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths and relax. Close your eyes (obviously if you’re driving, don’t close your eyes) and just breathe.  

In your mind's eye...see, sense or feel a big ball of beautiful light about 300 feet above your head...this light is Pure Source Energy, or God, or Spirit/Universe, whatever you like to call it.  

Imagine a beam of this beautiful, bright, liquid light coming down through the top of your head and flowing all the way down your head, your face, your neck, your shoulders, down your arms, and out your fingertips.   

Going back up to your shoulders, allow that light to flow down and throughout your chest and back, filling up all your cells and all the spaces between the spaces. Allow that light to flow down through your torso, your abdomen, your hips, down through your legs, down your calves, and through the bottom of your feet.... all the way to the center of the planet where it feels safe, secure, and happy.  You are connected to Pure Source Energy at the center of the planet now.   

Imagine that light bounces up as if on a trampoline all the way back up through your feet, calves, legs, abdomen, torso, and up to your heart. Imagine this light radiating out brightly, 360 degrees around you and out about 10 to 15 feet...see yourself suspended in a huge egg of brilliant loving, protective, warm, and happy light.   

Ask that light to get bigger than the building you’re in.

Ask this light to get bigger than the town city you're in.  

Expand this light past the state you're in.

Past the country you're in. 

And finally, ask this light to expand way past the planet.

You are now consciously connected to Pure Source Energy from above and below (you always are anyway) and are totally loved and protected.   

You can ask the light to bring in whatever you would like for that day, or for you, or whatever you’d like it to do.    

Example: Ask this light to heal all that needs healing in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.


Ask this light to bring you (whatever it is that you want) …. Ask it to rebalance your chakras, give you more energy, or help you fall asleep… whatever you want.    

If you’re going to do something that makes you anxious… Connect to the Light and ask the light to wash away the anxiety and bring in confidence… etc. 

Tools to Protect Your Energy - The Mirror Technique

Use this psychic protection technique when you are in negative situations, feel drained because you’re around many people, or if you feel that someone is constantly invading your thoughts, dreams, etc. and you need a break from that. This is typical in very strong connections between 2 people or if you’re an empath. It’s often difficult to know when the feelings are yours or if you’re picking the other person’s up.  Do it as often throughout the day as you need it.  Always first thing in the morning and the last thing at night is a great time as well.  

Visualize yourself standing in the middle of full-length mirrors facing outward.  Say something like "This is my space. Only good comes to me. Only good goes from me.  Only that which blesses me, or I invite in can be here."    

Tools for Clearing Energy - The Releasing Exercise

Use this exercise whenever you want to let go of a person, thought, feeling, belief, emotion, or situation in your life. You can also use it to heal old wounds and release dark emotions. The exercise is the same for all those things except when we are releasing a person there’s a tiny bit of a difference in the statement vs. other things. 

Get a candle (any color is fine) and light it. Write down the name of the person (or the thought, feeling, or situation) that you would like to release on a small piece of paper.  Get into a relaxed or zoned-out meditative state.  Hold the piece of paper over the candle and say something like:  

"(Name), I release you with love and bless you on your path.  You no longer have any power over me."

"I release (this feeling/thought/belief/situation) with love back into the universe where it is transmuted to its positive expression. This (thought/feeling/belief/situation) no longer has any power over me"

and safely burn the piece of paper.

** It is important that when you release these things you really feel the shift in energy within yourself.  You must really be honest in the release of it. If you are doing this exercise to manipulate another person or energy, it won’t be of any benefit.  In fact, it is actually creating karma to be balanced out.  

If you enjoy learning about different techniques, pick up the phone or jump onto the chat and connect with your favorite psychic advisor who will be more than happy to share our knowledge with you!  We’re here to help and empower you to have the highest and best expression of life possible! 


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