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Date 1/18/2023
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How well do you communicate with your pets?

How well do you communicate with your pets?

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Humans have been connecting to animals for eons, most commonly to domestic animals. This can involve many levels and types of “connecting” depending on the circumstances involved. Probably the most noticed and documented circumstance is when humans communicate directly or indirectly with their pets, particularly cats and dogs. There have been numerous articles describing this, mostly written by pet owners, veterinarians, pet psychics, etc. Few have any strong scientific explanation but describe communication with pets as being very similar to the demonstrated capability of people to communicate with each other on a psychic level.

Besides communication between owners and their pets, there are people who are animal psychics or animal communicators who have demonstrated an ability to relate to animals.

Telepathic Communication

Human communication with animals has been described as a form of telepathic communication as well as the ability to sense the psychic energy of each other. Both types of phenomena seem to make sense. Telepathic communication is usually seen between a human and their pet when there is a strong bond between them, and they are in direct contact and want to tell the other something. This happens when we see a dog “jaw” at its owner, or a cat has a different and distinctive cry to let its owner know what it needs/wants or expresses a need for help when feeling ill or under stress. 

Conversely, a pet owner can telepathically send a message to their pet that they have an illness, are angry with the pet’s behavior, etc. The owner can also let the pet know he understands the pet needs help or is not well. Telepathic communication can take place at a distance. Some people report they have received messages from pets when they are physically separated.

In a similar way, pets can sense the psychic energy of their owner (and vice versa). It has often been seen that a pet can sense the return of an owner from a trip well before the owner arrives. Pets can often sense the inner thoughts of their owners and know them on a deep level. They can sense when there may be great celebration or deep sadness within their owners. 

Sensing Concern

Pets often sense when their owner is thinking something the owner doesn’t want them to know. For example, the owner may be planning to take the pet to the vet, leave it alone for a few hours, or for some time with a pet sitter. For instance, I have a dog who instantly senses when I think about going out and gets concerned, I won’t take him with me. He immediately will not leave my side and looks at me with distress all over his face if I don’t tell him he’s going. 

Pets can have a deep sense when their owner is seriously ill. I know of a cat who, for four months, snuggled up every night with a terminally ill cancer patient. One of her night nurses told her husband she had no doubt the presence of the cat extended the wife’s survival by one or two months. Often as important, animals can often sense the psychic energy of strangers. Dogs can often sense when a human could be dangerous to their owner and often give some warning signs. Cats are particularly keen in sensing if a stranger likes them and, if not if it is safe to try to befriend them.

Benefits of a Pet Psychic

Pet psychics can use the psychic energy of an animal to help the owner better relate to it or to train it. A pet psychic can potentially save an animal from a bad situation. I know of lost pets that have been found when a pet psychic senses the surroundings of the animal who is using its psychic energy to get help. In a similar way, people who are animal communicators can help owners better understand and care for their pets.

For those of us who are psychic advisors, we should be aware that animals certainly demonstrate innate psychic capabilities which could prove useful to us in helping our clients develop their psychic ability as well as giving us more paths to develop our advisory capabilities. Give a pet psychic a call today and learn about psychic energy in animals and how to use it to enjoy your pets even more.


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lisapowell55: I had a very enlightening and informative chat with Bridgette x8133. I will definitely speak with her again. I really felt she was authentic.

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