Connecting the Power of Your Soul to Your Spirit Guides by Psychic Avery

Date 9/16/2022
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How are these telephone lines like your connection to spirit?

How are these telephone lines like your connection to spirit?

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Your soul really is a superpower! Don't believe me? Find out why I'm right and how your soul can help you to get connected with your angels and spirit guides in a way you have yet to accomplish. Having access to your guides will enrich your life in ways you can't imagine. So, anyone can benefit from this ability to connect to spirit.

How Your Soul Has the Power to Help You Connect to Your Guides.

You have a soul, right? Every one of us does. Each of us has a source of power that we may be unfamiliar with. I certainly was. When I learned how to work with this power, I was a beginner in the world of mediumship and healing work. I took classes to learn how to connect with my guides, and I was the worst one in the class. That's when my teachers recommended connecting and sitting with the power of my soul to strengthen my ability to communicate with my guides. That is when things took off for me. I practiced this over and over, and soon, I began to see the payoff.

I was already doing other things to help, like meditation, mindfulness techniques, and exercises to strengthen my clairs. And I highly recommend that you consider doing all of those things because I wouldn't be able to do what I do now without them. But this practice of working with my soul amplified all the work I had previously done, so much so that I still do it weekly.

Strengthening Your Connection to Spirit

Connecting with the power of your soul makes your connection to spirit stronger. It's real power with which to work. The way you strengthen your relationship to guides is by learning to connect to your soul and expanding it. This is the fastest way to do it!

Imagine that a powerful medium has something like telephone lines that lead out to the spiritual world. This soul power I'm talking about lengthens the energetic lines of communication that you can send out to connect to spirit. So why not build up your telephone lines to your guides?

The more you work with the strength of your energy, the more you will be able to listen to your guides and intuition, I promise.


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