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Published Date 6/11/2019
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Tap into your intuitive gifts this Neptune Retrograde

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Imaginative Neptune begins its annual retrograde Friday, June 21, inspiring us to reflect upon our spiritual path.  Integrating faith with knowledge, Neptune rules the area of denial, renunciation, dreams, and yet discovered purpose. Connecting with this slower energy allows us to become more balanced and aware. 

Everyone has intuitive gifts; we've all encountered that gut knowing, the psychic twinkle that connects us to the collective cosmic wisdom. When we focus and tap into our abilities, we can receive clear information from our trusted source. The experience that organic knowledge is Clairsentience – clearing knowing. Embrace it as you slow down and connect with a more profound, heart-centered vibration. 

When Neptune is Retrograde, the rose-colored glasses come off; we tend to see things more clearly. Those living in challenging entanglements will recognize the red flags and navigate with increased wisdom. 

Trust Your Intuition
Neptune is traveling through its home sign of Pisces, the twelfth house of mystic dreams and psychic visions. Everyone can benefit from seeking awareness of and trusting their intuition. To make the most of Neptune retrograde; begin a dream journal, join a dream discussion group, or organize one on your own. 

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces emphasizes our empathetic, intuitive natures. Intuition is an intersect or sorts. In the casual parlance, it's a word that points to expressions with profound meaning; empathy, clairvoyance, Clairsentience.  The energy can feel particularly intense for those born with a strong Pisces signature. It's the mark of a highly-sensitive-person (HSP); walking into a room, connecting with everyone's moods. You may be acutely aware of the lights, the air, perhaps absorbing the ambient and natural tension in surrounding conversations. 

There is a deep well of compassion possible with Neptune retrograde, and a tremendous capacity for deep caring. Remember that during any retrograde cycle, there is no need to force an outcome. Relax and cooperate with the energy, use the pause for reflection, and review as you uncover your psychic abilities.

Thanks for reading, I'm so glad we're on this journey together!

Bright blessings,

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