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Published Date 10/3/2019
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Connecting with the sounds of nature is one way to develop your Clairaudience.

Connecting with the sounds of nature is one way to develop your Clairaudience.

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As October begins, the veil between the Earth plane and the other side is getting remarkably thin, and we become more aware of the unseen world. October kicks off with the emotional Moon in mystical Scorpio. Our natural intuitive ability is stronger than ever; we can see into situations, grasping a clear sense of the ethereal. We can sense other people's feelings and motivations, and this knowledge can be particularly beneficial when understanding and accepting challenging circumstances in our lives.

Mercury, the communication planet, moves into Scorpio October 3rd, and Scorpio's ruler, transformational Pluto stations Direct the same day. Under the influence of Scorpio, Mercury dispenses with superfluous discourse, paring information down to elegant, absolute certainty. We begin to hear the truth without filters. Now is an excellent time to practice developing your gift of Clairaudience!

Clairaudience is one of the primary psychic senses. Also known as "clear hearing," it is the ability to hear sounds and words that occur in the extraordinary. You can develop and expand your unique frequency of clairaudient skills with these easy suggestions.

Become aware of the many everyday sounds of your surroundings; cars, phones, birds, nature, the wind, or rain. As you become more aware of background noises, you will learn to isolate, and in time, identify individual sounds, tones, and words.  Fine-tuning your Clairaudience begins with listening.

Listen carefully to the words as others are speaking. Hear the nuances of language, the cadence of speech. Imagine the sound of a loved one's voice. A voice you often hear, perhaps a relative or close friend, or even a celebrity or a famous singer. When you focus on what their voice sounds like in your mind, you are strengthening your clairaudient gift.

Listen to soothing, relaxation, or classical music. Breathe into the sound and unwind.  Soon you will be able to isolate the sounds of different instruments. Some people identify the notes with colors. Listen to the sound of water falling over your hands. The vibration of running water acts very much like tuning dial.

Relax, breathe, and allow Clairaudience to occur naturally. Find a quiet place or use a noise-canceling headset. Set your intention to work with your clairaudient gift and ask your angels or spirit guides to assist. Take a few deep, relaxing breaths and notice any noises, tones, or humming. Notice the sound; there's no need to do anything else. 

Practice these exercises each day (it only takes about 20 minutes) and your abilities will grow in surprising ways. Keep a notebook nearby to jot down anything that comes to you. In due time it will feel quite natural, and you'll find your unique clairaudient ear.

Thanks for reading, I'm so glad we're on this journey together! 


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