Confessions of a Catholic Psychic Medium by Psychic Xanadu

Published Date 4/1/2018
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Psychics are just doing God's work, sharing His love and light. - Psychic Xanadu

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As a Catholic Psychic, I was told that my faith has no room for those who read. I don’t believe that this is true. Although many Christians claim that the Bible says that psychic tools are of the devil, I believe firmly that the practice of receiving God's message is not. And everything is about intention.

Were there not prophets who received God's word and decided to share it with the world? Did the Holy Spirit not pass through them and gift them with a blessing of God?

What is the Difference Between Psychic Intuition vs. God's Insight?
Quite simply, it’s the word "psychic." Stereotyped and used as a negative connotation, the term carries a heavy stigma. In ancient days the word along with the term "gypsy" was used to describe travelers or readers who were fraudulent and pocketed your money with false predictions or very negative ones. 

Although there are still some people who practice like this, we must all be aware that this sense, like any other sense can be used for good or bad. For example, the sense, "touch." You can touch someone softly to comfort them or you can punch them. What you do with that sense is your responsibility. 

Understanding the Sixth Sense
Unfortunately, a majority of Christians misconstrued the "sixth sense" with evil and psychic readings with fraud and acts of the devil. This then closes their minds to the belief of doing God's work and sharing His love and light with that same sense. The one I believe we were all born with. The one so many of us forgot existed. The one we all use and pay no recognition to.

How many times do you recall having a bad feeling about something or someone without even knowing what or who it is? Have you ever felt you didn't want to go somewhere and then tragedy struck and you were lucky you were not there? 

It is my belief after living with this sense my entire life that this happens to all of us. This is our sixth sense hard at work, getting our attention through our other senses; clairsentience (the ability to feel out something clearly), clairaudience (hearing clearly) and sometimes clairvoyance (seeing something clearly.) We don't recognize these moments as such. We choose to ignore them because society tell us to. Psychics are just those who have acknowledged this sense and developed it.

For the Catholic and Christian Psychics and Mediums:
  • We are not bad Christians. 
  • We are all humans with a purpose of spreading light and joy. 
  • We pray for the Holy Spirit to come through us all and deliver us messages in His holy name only. 
  • We use discretion when reading. 
  • We are aware of your feelings and surroundings and always pray to God Almighty before we read. 
  • We clear the space with His Divine light. 

And for those receiving messages from psychics or whom I like to call "spiritual warriors" if your message is Divinely tuned it may not always be what you want to hear, but what God wants you to hear or know at that time. So, please remember to take it easy on the messenger. 

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