Choosing Your Tarot Spread

Published Date 4/21/2015
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Learn the proper tarot card spread to get the reading you desire

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You're thinking about (and probably worried about) what your tarot cards will say to you. What you may not realize, though, is that the tarot card spreads are just as important as the cards themselves. If you haven't thought twice about the layout of your cards, now is the time to do so.

What Are Tarot Card Spreads and Why Should You Care?

Before attending a tarot reading, understand what card spreads are. A spread is the physical layout of the tarot cards related to the question you wish to ask. Every spread of the cards provides different information when you ask the question. That's why it's important to choose the right spread or you may not get the accurate information you desire. Within the spread, each location of a card has a number. Then, the reader uses the numbers to read the cards in a specific order. Once in place, the card's location provides information on a specific aspect of the question you've asked.

The question is, then, what should you choose? You can ask an online psychic about your options, or you could consider the following.

Spreads Matter to You

According to, the tarot card reading you get from the spread can provide information about just about anything in your life. This could include your desires and ideas, your past or your future, or even information about your friends or the money you will or will not earn. They address just about any area of your life that you can imagine. The goal, then, is to choose the right spread for the question you have to ask.

Three Card Spread

This is the simplest option and ideal for those who are just learning. Three cards are set horizontally, and the count is from left to right. The first one represents the past, the second is the present, and the third is the future. This is the ideal spread for asking simple yes and no questions.

Five Card Spread

A step up is the five card spread. When used, it provides more background into the problem and can suggest the outcome depending on the action taken. The cards are spread in the form of a cross. The right card is for the future, the center card represents the present, and the left card represents the past that still has some type of effect. The bottom card provides reasons, and the top card discusses potential outcomes. If you want help determining a course of action, use this method.

Additional Types of Spreads

Additional types of spreads are available during your reading, including the Celtic cross spread and the horseshoe spread. It's important to know that there are numerous other types of spreads out there. To read and understand these types, you'll need training and a bit of psychic guidance.

You have questions and concerns, but only with the right spread will you get any answers that can provide true insight. It's a challenge, but it's essential to work with the right professionals to understand your options.


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