Choosing the Right Psychic Advisor for Your Needs

Published Date 12/4/2017
Category: Psychic Topics

Our website filters make it easy to find the perfect Psychic Advisor for your next reading!

Have you ever called or begun a web or video chat and been connected to a psychic advisor that said, "I'm sorry, I can't help you with that, it's not one of my gifts?" It doesn't happen very often, because our psychics can answer a wide range of questions, but in certain cases, it's important to check the skills of the available advisors to match the specific area you need help with.

Each advisor is unique, with their own set of skills and gifts, and in a few cases, you need one with the specific gift you're looking for. Just as not all doctors or lawyers study and practice to help with every specific situation and will refer you to a “specialist”, a psychic advisor is really no different. 

Feeling Lost? Find Who You Need
For example, if you're looking for a lost item, a tarot reader may or may not be able to help you. If that reader doesn't have the gift of finding lost items in addition to their skill at reading the cards, there's a chance they won't get the information you need. The best way to be certain that the advisor you connect with will be able to help you find the item is to check the profiles of the available advisors and look for someone that lists "finding lost objects" or "finder" or something similar.

Not All Psychics Are Mediums
This also applies to connecting to someone who has passed on to the other side. Not every psychic is a medium, and even some of us who get messages from the other side don't have the control needed to contact a specific person. If this is specifically what you're looking for, you need an advisor who lists "medium," "speaking to the dead," or something similar on their profile. 

Help is Available!
The Psychic Source website also has many tools built in to help narrow your search, so if you know what type of reading you are looking for, before picking up the phone or clicking “Call Me”, try our helpful filters.  If you are looking for a Compassionate Psychic Advisor to provide you a Tarot reading about Love, we can help narrow down the field. 

You can filter your search on any combination of the following:

Advisor Specialties (i.e. Medium, Pets, Energy Healing, etc.)
Subject and Expertise (i.e. Love, Career, Loss and Grieving, etc.)
Tools (i.e. Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Crystals, etc.) or Uses No Tools
Reading Style (Compassionate, Direct, Thoughtful, etc.)  

Or if you prefer, you can always call one of friendly customer care specialists 24/7 who will gladly help you find the perfect advisor available for your next reading.

It's pretty unusual for an advisor not to be able to answer all your questions, but these two situations require a very specific gift, and not every psychic has the ability to be a "finder" or a "medium." We want you to be happy with your reading, and a little research done before making your selection can help make that happen.

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