Changing the Peg and Overcoming Fear by Psychic Estelle

Published Date 4/23/2012
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What's great about the Buddha's teachings is that ANYONE can benefit from them, and you don't necessarily have to "convert" or start hanging around Dharma centers if that's not your thing. Just do some reading and reflect on what you remember of it from time to time. One thing the Buddha talked about is called "changing the peg." For instance, you can't stop thinking about something that might happen and you're feeling very worried and fearful. You want to stop thinking about it, but you can't. The Buddha gave this example: imagine a wooden peg that's driven into a hole in a block of wood until it doesn't stick out at all. It fits very tightly: the peg is your unwanted thoughts and the larger piece of wood is your mind. Now, your task is to get the peg out. How? You can't get hold of it to pull it out, but the answer is simple: hammer in another peg. The second peg pushes the first one out. The same when you're thinking about something that bothers you: think an equal and opposite thought, or at least a different thought. For instance, if you're fearful about something, think of love. (Fear, not hate, is the opposite of love.) Your child, your partner, your pet, it doesn't matter...whoever causes you to have loving feelings. Do this every time the unwanted thoughts arise and in time you'll find yourself getting quite good at it. I'm not saying that you should use this to keep yourself in denial about issues that need to be attended to; it's just that we tend to spend a lot of time worrying pointlessly. Ask yourself: "Is there anything I could be doing RIGHT NOW to make the situation better?" If there is, do it. If there's not - change the peg! The Buddha understood how the human mind works long before Freud and Jung came along. Some Buddhist teachings aren't clear at first. There is a Zen teaching that says, "When you wash a cup, you should only think of washing the cup." When I first saw that one, it didn't resonate with me. Washing dishes is boring and I ENJOY thinking of other things while I'm doing it! Then one day I was thinking about all the calls I get from people who want to know if their partner is cheating, or what is/her feelings are. It got me thinking about how when we love someone, what ought to be a wonderful experience can become flooded with fear. Fear that we're going to lose them, fear that they don't feel the same way about us. And then I understood: When you love, just love. When you take a test, just take the test, don't be scared about your grade. When you do a creative project, just create, don't worry whether anyone else will like it or how much you'll be paid for it. Change the peg. If you do want to practice a Buddhist deity, there's many to choose from. My personal favorite is Green Tara. She's depicted as a beautiful young woman sitting on a lotus and her specific function is to save beings from suffering. She has one foot out, as if she's perpetually ready to jump up and render help to anyone who calls on her sincerely. There are many forms of Tara but her main form is green, signifying her swiftness. She's credited with many miracles and is the most loved Bodhisattva in Tibet. Her mantra is: OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SOHA. Reciting mantras is also a good way of changing the peg! Talk to Estelle Star today about changing your peg!

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