Celtic Symbols and Lore by Psychic Source Advisors Stella, Skyler, and Angelica

Date 3/21/2023
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Celtic symbols have a rich and fascinating history.

Celtic symbols have a rich and fascinating history.

The ancient art and symbols of Celtic Astrology have been studied and practiced for centuries. While not as common today, it still holds an important place for modern day psychic advisors as they share their gifts with you. Psychic Source asked some of our specialists in Celtic Astrology to reflect on their knowledge and experience with these symbols and share their thoughts and stories… 

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Celtic Bird Symbols by Psychic Stella

Celtic Heritage knowledge passed to me as I grew from a small child to almost a teenager from my Paternal Grandmother is in the form of meanings of some of the Celtic Animals and the intensity of the Celtic spread. This spread is my choice of display for initiating a reading. From lying down the first card to the last, the energy becomes more and more intense and the information for my guests highest good just flows evenly and steadily.

Since I was very young, my Grandmother helped me to understand my Irish Heritage with her sharing of the Celtic animals and their meanings to assist. My favorite is the Swan, which is deeply connected to music. They aid in my interpretation of dreams and assist deeply in spiritual development. They are considered to display a deep mystery about them as well. When a swan is in my view, I immediately smile and become totally relaxed!

Other Celtic Bird Symbols

  • Crane - a large bird that is believed to be a messenger of the Gods to bring us the wisdom we are seeking at a particular moment. 
  • Sparrow - the symbol of memory and remembrance of ancestral knowledge.  I always have a sparrow swoon down near me when my Grandmother's presence is with me or near me.   
  • Wren - associated with thunder. I know during a rain storm, thunder is about to roll when a wren flies into my view!  
  • Owl - such a spiritual little being.  Underneath all those feathers beats a heart that is full of wisdom, eyes that never miss a trick and has the patience of a rock! When I am in someone's company that I don't know and I hear an owl "hoot", I know this person can deceive me or wants to take advantage.  
  • Rooster – symbolizes safety and protection.  Growing up, we raised birds and I had a favorite rooster who always would come running toward me and I knew immediately there was a snake nearby!  My rooster coming at me as fast as he could told me to leave that spot immediately!  

My Celtic heritage has formed strong deep roots for my footing. I keep my faith in all things created by our God that have entered my life as being trustworthy or revealed themselves to me for a strong purpose of enhancing and becoming part of who I am.

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Symbols of Celtic History by Psychic Skyler

Celtic symbolism can still be found today in jewelry, tattoos, tapestry, and more. These symbols reflect the nature of important subjects such as love, wisdom, war, loyalty, and energy. Many of the everyday things we often take for granted can hold hidden secrets, and by having the key to this knowledge we gain an insight into the minds and concerns of our ancestors who constructed these symbols.

One example is the Claddagh, an ancient Irish love symbol. The heart in the Claddagh symbolizes love. the crown symbolizes loyalty, and the hands symbolize friendship, which is, after all, the very foundation of love, with loyalty holding the two hands together.  Many times, we feel connected to these symbols because they represent something we are trying to draw into our life.

Celtic tree astrology is based on the ancient idea that the time of our birth is pivotal to the formation of our personality and behavior. By delving into Celtic tree astrology based on the Druid Ogham, we gain uncommon insight into the human psyche, as well as the diversity Nature offers us in remarkable and cosmic ways.

With Celtic Tree Astrology, we can associate the likeness and personality of trees to our own human nature. By doing so, we gather inspired insight and clarity into who we are.  It even allows us to see who we would be best matched with to grow on a soul level.  The Celtic meaning behind personality types is born from an understanding of the interconnected nature of all things. A person born under the dominance of a certain season, animal, or vegetation indicates a partnership between that person and his/her phase of entrance into this natural world.

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The Celtic Tree of Life by Psychic Angelica

“Beloved, gaze in thy own heart, The Holy tree is blooming there.” -WB. Yeats

One of the most celebrated symbols of Celtic lore is the Tree of Life. The Celts understood trees as elegant illustrations of life's deep secrets.  Individual Celtic druids spent decades observing trees. In fact, they could derive divine signs and omens concerning future events, just by the rustling of leaves.

The tree has three main symbolic parts: the roots, the trunk and the branches.  Metaphorically, we should think of our own inner root system consisting of beliefs and spirituality that must connect deeply and be firmly grounded in the personal core choices of how we think, speak and act. Our growth and personal power is activated beneath superficial layers, like roots, they are sacred and anchor us in our life. These foundations are strengthened from experience, as the trunk. With experience and maturity, we may then branch off into life with confidence and wisdom.

The Tree of Life, through the roots and branches, convey the importance of balance between both the seen and the unseen aspects of life. When we include prayer, meditation and devotion to our inner life (the unseen) it directly influences our outer conditions (the seen).  If our roots are not fed, watered and nurtured, the branches will wither and die.  The importance of caring for self and taking time to know ourselves and needs, plays a vital role in how our personal life unfolds in relationships, love, abundance and well-being.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are rooted in the earth plane, yet are always reaching for the spiritual realms, just as a tree seeks to grow to connect to the light.  

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