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Published Date 7/5/2015
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What does The Tower card represent for you?

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As an experienced Tarot card reader, I've discovered that there are several Tarot cards that are commonly misunderstood. Probably the most common is the Death card.  However, I'd like explore another card that has popped up frequently in client readings that also has a negative reputation - The Tower Card. I want to address what it most commonly represents and why receiving The Tower in your reading is not necessarily a bad thing.

Do Not Fear the Tower
Depending on your Tarot deck, the imagery on the Tower card can be a bit shocking and upsetting when placed in your spread. At first glance, it may appear to portend catastrophe, but that is only if other cards support it. From a spiritual perspective, more often than not it is signaling that our foundation is in need of examination and repair. How much or how little depends on how badly we've neglected routine maintenance.

The Tower often emerges when we've experienced something that has shaken our sense of stability. This card represents a corrective path on the Tree of Life in which we often find ourselves required to strip away or redefine that which serves our growth and evolution and that which does not. And while sometimes painful, we emerge from it with a renewed sense of purpose and an even stronger foundation.

A New Spiritual Understanding
At a higher level, the Tower traverses the path between Netzach (Victory) and Hod (Glory) on the Tree of Life. We usually find ourselves there with a wealth of spiritual information we're not sure what to do with. Something has flooded us with questions about why we're here and what we're supposed to be doing. This new spiritual understanding must be reconciled with an action plan in order for it to be utilized as intended, and this is the lesson the Tower will reveal. This corrective path represents spiritual cleansing at its finest. And after that first deep clean, routine maintenance will help assure the job is much easier the next time. 

Questions to ask yourself when the Tower appears:

What choices have I made that are steering me off me off course?
What is it I've invited into my life that doesn't belong there?
What brick in my foundation is weakest?
What is my intuition telling me that I am trying to ignore?

By asking (and honestly answering) these questions, what you're really doing is looking for spiritual blind spots.  They're the equivalent of mice that crawl into a foundation which may seem harmless enough at first, but can but in fact bring the house down if left to chew on your wiring. Best to remove the nest before that part of your foundation requires total repair.

Embrace the Tower!
The moral of the story here is that if/when you receive the Tower in a reading, don't dread its message; embrace it instead. It means you'll be shedding something that is no longer conducive to your growth or uncovering something that could be detrimental to it. Unpleasant but necessary maintenance. Once completed, you'll move forward with a renewed sense of purpose because your foundation will be restored to solid ground based on well-founded beliefs.

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