Can a Tarot Reading Provide Exact Predictions? by Psychic Connie

Published Date 9/20/2014
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What will the tarot reveal about YOUR journey?

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If you've never had a reading before, you may be confused about what kind of information you can get from it. The future is not like a cruise, where you know when the ship is leaving and where it's stopping along the way. It's much more like a road trip with all the people you know. At any point, a choice made by you or someone else can change the outcome completely, so a reading can only tell you what's most likely considering the current circumstances.

Tarot can't tell you what time your husband is coming home, the name of the man you're going to marry, or the date and time you'll have your next child. What it CAN tell you is whether your husband is likely to come home, if you someone you've met is a good possibility for a long-term relationship, and if you're likely to have more children.

Tarot can also give you a general idea of timeframes. Sometimes a reading will suggest that you'll meet someone during the summer, or that you'll have contact with someone you just met in a few days or weeks, but it can't tell you that the person you met will definitely call you tomorrow night.


Life is like that road trip I mentioned, where you and the people around you take a map and just head out to see what happens. The map can tell you where you'll end up if you go this way or that way, it can tell you what’s between where you are and where you'll end up, and it can give you an idea of how long it’ll take you to get there. It can't tell you when you (or one of the people with you) is going to spot something along the way that catches your attention and causes you to stop or take a detour, although it can tell you that there's something there that might be interesting (or that you might want to try to avoid).

Tarot is a great tool to guide you along the way, as long as you understand what it is and what it can do. It's not an itinerary, it's your road map. It can tell you:

1. Where you're likely to end up if you keep going in the direction you're headed in.
2. What kinds of things you're likely to come across on the way.
3. Ways to avoid things you don't want. 

The simpler and more specific the question you ask, the more definite the answer will be; but there are many variables. Everyone has free will, and the more people there are involved in a situation, the more variables there are.



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