Better understanding your dog's behavior

Published Date 10/1/2012
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Better understanding your dog's behavior

If you've had your dog for more than a handful of years but you still don't completely understand his behavior, you might be at a loss as to how to put him at ease. Because humans and animals don't speak the same language, there's is a big communication gap - one that can cause tension between an owner and his pet over time.

Whether you want to know more about why your dog constantly whines or can't get enough of his chew toy, professionals have come up with explanations for some of the most common canine behaviors.

Fear of thunder

It's not uncommon for dogs to run and hide in the event of a rain storm. Furthermore, your pet may duck for cover and begin whining if thunder and lightning begins. Because it's loud and downright uncomfortable (even for humans), a storm can bring out a natural panic in animals, including dogs, according to CBS News. To keep your pet happy and calm during a storm, think about playing with him and giving him treats to associate it the event with good times.


A dog who seems to have a tendency to chew everything in sight can be more than a handful to a pet parent. Canines will sink their teeth into everything from shoes to furniture before they're told to stop, which can result in costly repairs. states that many dogs (especially puppies) use the tactic of chewing as a way to explore their surroundings. Providing chew toys around the house can ease this problem, especially as a puppy is teething.

Barking and yelping

Although it might seem like your dog barks and yelps needlessly, reports that barking may be a sign that your canine is recognizing nearby danger. Rather than ignoring it (even if it's a frequent occurrence), make it a point to see what your pet is focused on. This can help you better communicate with your dog and even reduce how often he barks.

To learn more about your companion, you might want to consider speaking to a psychic who specializes in pet readings. An online psychic reading can help you find out how your dog really feels about your household. In the end, you may learn new ways to help him feel more comfortable in his surroundings.

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