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Published Date 1/8/2019
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There is a lot going on "behind the scenes" during a psychic reading.

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When it comes to psychics, there’s a common misconception out there that needs to be cleared up. I’m always shocked at how many people, upon telling them you have honored your psychic ability, have this expectation that we can just give you the answers you’re seeking right then and there. Clarification - we sort of can, but generally need a few minutes to connect to your energy, let alone tune into any or all of our Clairs (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, etc) to answer the question at hand. So, what’s happening behind the scene you ask? What exactly is taking that psychic advisor so long to type their answer or say anything at all? Why do I have to wait??! 

There is a lot of information and viewpoints on how any of this is actually taking place. Depending on your level of intrigue and interest, we can dig deep down and have some amazing conversations, but for the sake of this article, let’s scratch the surface to give you some insight as to what to expect. There’s a lot here, so grab a favorite beverage and a comfortable seat as you open your heart and mind up to what I’m about to share...

The Basics
As many of you may be aware, everything in the Universe is energy. The solid item upon which you are reading from known as your smartphone, tablet, or computer is a whole mess of molecules bound together, all of which are vibrating, which in turn emits a frequency. Everything is made of vibrating molecules, including us. The basis of “reading” someone is picking up their energy, by either tapping into their energy field, blending your auric field with our own, connecting, etc. 

There are several different ways to read energy and every advisor has their own which works best for them. You may have noticed some need your name and birthdate, others just a name and some nothing at all. This simple act alone is what gives us the information to see/hear/feel/know/smell what’s going on. Now that we are connected, we still need a moment. Here’s why.

The Download
This is the best part! For myself, no matter how many readings or clients I’ve spoken with over the years, I am still continuously amazed at how the information can come to us. I personally call this part the download, but as mentioned before, there are multiple ways to grasp or understand what is taking place. Once we’ve “tapped into your energy,” for some, like myself, it may take a few more seconds or even a minute to acquire the actual information. This is where our Clairs come into play. 

Some of us hear messages, see things unfolding, feel emotions/energy, pick up different scents, or just KNOW. I get a combination of all of them, and its different every time. The “just knowing” is by far the hardest to explain, because it’s just that, we just KNOW. It’s never the same for me, bits and pieces will come in, or suddenly it feels like just that, a massive download of information comes in all at once.  
Still waiting in awkward silence on the phone for an answer? Be patient, it’s just about there!

The Interpretation 
Once the download is complete, so to speak, now we need to verbalize what we just picked up to you, in a capacity you can understand. Spirit is never wrong- however our interpretation could be a little off. Remember, we are dealing with events, feelings, glimpses, words and emotions that have no personal tie to us, and quite often makes no sense! Again, it’s different for all of us.  

Some psychic advisors may actually get full sentences, I generally just get words and they make me feel a certain way which is how I would try to get it across to you. Some may see the whole story play out, or just get glimpses of certain things happening or what someone is doing or may do soon. The point here is this is where we would start talking, trying to convey what we pick up in a way that makes sense to you. How do you know I’m not just saying things? 

The Delivery
You may have heard some advisors say, “I feel like everything is going to be ok” or “I see there has been some distance between the two of you.” The simple use of the terms “feel” or “see” could probably be an indication of which Clair is likely the strongest in that moment. In this stage, we are not only seeking to answer your questions, but also give you some validity, meaning we are telling you things that are tied to the situation which may have recently led up to, or recently taken place to get you where you are now questioning the outcome. 

If I can’t tell you anything to prove I’m on the right track, you may begin to question what is being said to you in the rest of your reading, and instead of receiving some reassurance or answers, you’d only gain more doubt. 

In this stage, we will start answering your questions, and you can usually ask more questions for clarification or provide some validation to the advisor, so we can gather more information based off what we are picking up, which can open the depth to which we “see.”  Also, the amount of time you have for a reading is important.  

It can be difficult for many to answer three questions in three minutes. By no means am I saying you can’t simply get anything from a 3-minute reading, but I am saying to be reasonable in your expectations given the time you do have and the ability of the advisor. Unless all you want is yes/no and nothing more detailed, then maybe you’ll get multiple questions answered!

The Outcome
If you have taken the leap and dove into any of this time being non-linear in the Universe, you may understand why timelines are difficult. Basically, time doesn’t exist. Woah!

When being questioned on when something may happen, some advisors have a stronger sense of being able to sense the “time” so to speak, while others may not. Also, we all have free will. In the moment of your reading, we are reading the energy that is being put out in that moment by either yourself or others in question. We can give some “future” information because that’s how things are supposed to play out however; the power of free will can change all of it. What I’m saying is, you are being faced with a decision, and going against your intuition is your decision. You have free will to choose your actions, so if you go against what was “supposed” to take place, naturally things will unfold at a different rate and quite possibly having an entirely different outcome than what you were told. 

Needless to say, some advisors are highly experienced, and this process may take seconds for them. Like anything, our abilities get stronger the more we use them, the more readings we do the better we get. We all develop at our own rate - there is no set-in stone path, or timeline meaning after six months we should be able to connect in one minute or less. 

Each psychic advisor works at their own pace and by trying a few, you’ll find the one that you connect with. I have seen reviews where clients say, “we just didn’t connect” and that’s perfectly OK! You are essentially seeking to build some kind of relationship with your advisor, so just like dating, you may get a few you don’t feel it with.  Swipe left and try again!

Finally – Patience
Now that all being said, patience is key with any reading. If you are closed off or losing patience it can make getting a good energetic connection difficult, which in turn may affect the quality of your reading. All advisors are human too, we are subject to some days where we are energetically drained or have personal issues in our lives as well. In general, many of us are aware of this and will take the time we need to recharge, so we can be of our best to you! Just because we are spiritual, does not mean we are exempt from any of life’s difficulties, no matter how small. 

So, that’s it! From the moment we pick up the phone, or start a web or video chat with you, this is what’s taking place “behind the scenes.” That’s not including all the chakra cleansing/balancing/opening, meditating, calling in or grounding and a multitude of other things we must also do. But, this article has already gone on long enough, so let’s save that for another time! 

I hope this helps some of you understand the process taking place behind the scenes during a Psychic Reading!

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