Avoiding Love Scams by Psychic Chris

Published Date 12/4/2011
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Dating scams have made the news several times. Scammers give Online dating a bad name.  But you can avoid them and here is how. The key is to know the scam before you are roped into it.  Usually a dating scammer pretends to fall in love after only a few online chats over a few weeks, sends fake Pictures and claims to be very well off, waiting on a huge business deal. Sometimes they even send gifts to convince the victim that they really do have lots of money and are in love. Often times the scammer pretends that they were born in the U.S.A. but are out of the country on business, claiming to be in Australia or the UK. The scammers claim to be Important Business Men:(art dealers, high end jewelers, even Royalty!) So on with the scam… They talk to women for months get them hooked and really believe that they are in love (don't worry, even smart people can be tricked by these guys; they do this to 100's of women at a time & often work in teams). They phone the victim (with an accent I might add), but explain that with all the travel they’ve done, they’ve picked it up. Then they rope the Victim into "A Meeting" that won’t happen of course. Just when the meeting is about to happen, all of a sudden something terrible happens. When they have the victim really convinced of their love, they come in with the real scam. “No, I want to come see you, but I can’t, the bank has held my funds, and I can’t come see you until you help me with the bank fees!” (Well they say it a lot more convincing than that but you get the just of it!) Sometimes, they start small, with a test deposit, with the scammer claiming they can’t afford their Internet service anymore and won’t be able to talk anymore.  They may even claim a family member fell ill and needs an operation. No matter what the story, it’s a lie and you are being scammed; sometimes out of your life savings! Many women who are indeed in love send the money, even more than once, and just don’t catch on. If you send money once, they will continue to ask and if you refuse to, they never talk to you again. So, here are some tips to keep you safe in your search for happiness: 1.) If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. (There aren't very many Millionaires on chat sites looking for love.) 2.) Always get their name, address and phone number. They should be open to giving it to you as you are in love. 3.) Don't bother with a Google search; they use different names so typing scam after their name will return a blank search. 4.) Don’t trust a profession of love at an unreasonably early stage of the relationship. 5.) Be cautious of claims of working out of the country. 6.)Don’t accept or trust a marriage proposal even before meeting you 7.) If they are asking for money, in any amount, turn around and run! Of course not everyone you meet on the Internet is a crook. But keep your eyes open and don't let your feelings cloud your judgment. You can find love, you just have to look in the right places. Talk to Psychic Chris about your search for love!

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