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Published Date 9/6/2012
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Roberta asked: I have some questions about my relationship with Dan. He has been so distant for a little over a month now. Can you please see how he is feeling about "us" right now, is it going to get better, and where you see it headed in the next few months? Thanks!!
Psychic Narnia Answered:

Hi Roberta!  The first thing that comes up is that Dan feels very overwhelmed by life in general.  When he looks around his life he feels powerless and like he is just trudging along without purpose, and sometimes when he is especially down, it feels like he is without hope.  I feel that all of this is coming from inside of him, but unfortunately, he is blaming some of this negativity on you and the relationship.  I am not even sure he is consciously aware that that is what he is doing.  It isn't purposeful or trying to be mean, but he is feeling very down and helpless right now and that is affecting everything, especially your relationship.
I do feel he loves you, and I do feel that change is coming, but it feels like it might not really get to a better point for your relationship until November.  I feel that is because it is going to take that long for him to realize what he is doing and how unhappy he really is.  It will take some time too for him to realize none of this is your fault and he is just projecting his negativity onto you and the relationship.  I do feel this will get better but it feels like it will take time.
In the mean time, it is important for you to focus on yourself, figure out what it is you want from the relationship that is missing now that he is distant, so that when he is ready to talk about all this and ready to figure out what you should do to move forward together you can tell him what you need from the relationship as well.  It is very important that you get your needs met too because you are just as important in this relationship as he is.
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