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Published Date 8/23/2012
Category: Psychic Topics

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Josh asked: Hi Narnia, will me and my ex get back together soon? 
Psychic Narnia Answered:

Hi Josh!  I am sorry to say that it looks like it would be at least five months before you and your ex get back together.  It feels like it could be as late as May of next year.  I feel your ex is feeling powerless, and out of control in life in general, and is trying to focus on something in the financial part of life to feel more in control and not deal with the deeper feelings for you.
I feel that your ex doesn't even know how much emotionally this is hurting you and making you feel betrayed.  I feel your ex is focused inward but doesn't even realize how much that has damaged you, because your ex is in a very selfish place emotionally.  I feel both you and your ex tried to let your guards down with each other, but when that happened, your ex felt the best thing to do was to run, out of both fear and a need to find a different path in life in general after allowing the emotions to flow.
I do feel that this is not hopeless, but it will take time before your ex can be honest about the feelings that were let out when the emotional walls came down.  Trust your own heart because your heart knows this isn't over.

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