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Published Date 6/14/2012
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Sorina asks: Hi Narnia, What do you see for me and Chris? Will love find a way? Or will life set us apart? Thank you and God bless you!
Psychic Narnia Answered: Right now and for at least the next 2 months things look pretty negative around Chris.  It feels like life is really throwing Chris for a loop.  Chris is unhappy and currently feeling trapped and held back emotionally.

I do feel the two of you will be together in a deeply meaningful relationship but it feels like it will take all the way until at least August for it to begin being in a better place between the two of you.  However it does feel that by October the two of you will be together and even making a life together as a family unit.  So trust your heart.  It is trying to tell you not to give up.

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