Are you Psychic?

Published Date 9/22/2015
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Are You Psychic?

Do you ever have a gut feeling about something? Do you ever have 'mother's intuition,' or do you sometimes know who is calling you before the phone even rings? As human beings we all possess some level of intuitive ability. We may dismiss these feelings as irrational, but if we learn to honor this kind of soul-centered knowing, we can begin to unlock our own psychic potential.

In this video, our Advisors reveal their perspectives on psychic ability. Everyone has an innate ability; in some it is more pronounced, through birth or through self-development. So if you are wondering are you psychic, we suggest that you create a space in your life for meditation, contemplation, or any heart-centered practice that gets you to pay attention to your gut, your intuition, your inner knowing. Practice listening, and looking patterns in external events. What you may discover is that life is not as random and unknowable as you might think when you are only focused on rational thought. Validate what you learn with a close friend or someone you trust, who won't judge you. Or give any of our gifted Advisors a call - they can help you identify your psychic moments and strengthen your own psychic abilities.


How psychic are you? You might want to take our free Am I Psychic Test to see which psychic abilities resonate most with you.


Video Transcript


Leslie: When I ask people if they re psychic, very often they ll say,  Oh no, no, no, not me. But I ll say,  Do you have gut feelings about things that turn out to be true?  Oh yeah, definitely.


Sadia: Whether it s mother s intuition or a connection to a family member, or just knowing when your friend needs you or thinking of somebody, and the phone rings and it s them.


Leslie: Or I ll say,  That time when the presenting evidence showed that you should have done one thing, but your gut told you to do something else, and you went with it and regretted not listening to your gut. And they ll say,  Oh, definitely. And I ll say,  That s an aspect of your psychic skill-set.


Bridgette: Sometimes people who have passed on that loved ones, you smell them and you don t see them, but you can smell the perfume.


Leslie: Some people say,  Well, I never see spirit, but boy, I just get this sort of goosebumpy feeling when I feel like someone else is in the room, and then we talk about what is that goosebumpy feeling. It s an aspect of clairsentience, which means clear feeling, which means picking up things energetically through your body or through your emotions.


Colin: You might say that you have a gut feeling about something. I might say that I m being shown something and I see something with clarity. When I look at that, we both have the same feeling, we both have the same gift, it s just I over years have had people that have helped me foster that and come in touch with it and look at it and examine it.


Sadia: I think everybody has the gift. I do. I think we all have it.


Leslie: It s my greatest joy when people realize that a, they have a divine connection, that b, they ve probably had experiences in their lives that have established that for them, but that c, it s a matter of figuring out how it works for them individually.


Sadia: See what you re drawn to. Maybe it s mediumship, maybe it s tarot, maybe it s energy readings. You know, see what it is that pulls you in and focus on developing that.

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Tamara: In this video, what the Advisors are saying is all so true!. Because I was born with a gift??

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